Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lots of Lady Bugs!

Wanted to share a couple of new cards made with the {Stamps} of Life April Stamp Set Ladybugs2Love. I Love Lady Bugs! For me, they have a special significance in that I believe that Lady Bugs are Lucky!!! 

Shortly after I lost my first son Timothy, I was expecting Jonathon. Because I had gone to full term before Timothy had passed, I was terrified the entire time I was carrying Jon. After my first ultrasound, there were some concerns and as a result, we had to go for genetic testing. It was horrible enough to be so afraid and then to have to go through this process just about threw me over the edge. Here's where the Lady Bugs come in..... I was waiting for the results of the tests and worrying....and worrying. One day I found a Lady Bug in one of the houseplants and for some reason, it made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Now I know that the Ladybug cannot change one's fate, however it did allow me to change my thinking, easing my level of stress immensely. All was okay with the tests, but as the pregnancy progressed I became increasingly nervous that we would not make it to the end. There were so many times I was afraid and it always seemed that each time it got to be too much to bear, a lady bug would appear. A symbol of hope. A symbol that all was going to be okay. It wasn't just at home I would find the lady bugs.... I saw them in my office, at my mothers and here and there outside. Perhaps it was a sign from my Angel Timothy that everything would work out and that I would deliver a healthy baby. I am blessed to have Jonathon in my life and each time I see a Lady Bug, appreciative of the power that little creature had upon my ability to shift my thoughts to a more positive state.

Lady Bugs are Lucky~


  1. {{Hugs}} What a wonderful story and I love your cards!

  2. Beautiful Cards. The ladybirds are so sweet and the papers are nice. The sentiments on both cards are good and the hearts are pretty.


  3. These are totally gorgeous and fun! Love them, gives me ideas!!!


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