Monday, August 8, 2011

Impression Obsession and a Sprinkle of Flower Soft!

Hope your week  is getting off to a great start! We enjoyed a nice quiet day celebrating Jonathon's Birthday. As I said on yesterday's post, it was fairly low key with brunch out at a Chinese Buffet and then back here for Ice Cream Cake-we LOVE Dairy Queen's Ice Cream Cake, but I'm sure that Dairy Queen does not like us!!! With the exception of one occasion they have seemed to have difficulty getting our cakes right.......I think the first cake that we purchased was when Jon was around nine. It was a gorgeous cake, but when we picked it up, it said "Happy Birthday Travis". Jonathon-Travis???? hmmmmmmm. Well they managed to scrape off the name and redo it, giving us a discount on the yummy cake. 

A couple of years later, Jon requested an Ice Cream Cake again. I made arrangements to pick it up just before we were heading to Chuckie Cheese for his Birthday Party.........this time, NO Cake.........yes NO cake.........they were sorry, they must have lost the order! LOST the ORDER???? The Birthday Party was in less than an hour...........Thank you Loblaws!!!! You saved me............but do we Boycott Dairy Queen??? Nope, 'cause their cakes are DELICIOUS!!!!.............I have to say that hi 13th Birthday Cake came off without a fact it was quite amazing. It was perfection at it's best. An amazing Paintball themed ice cream cake. The decorator had copied a photo off the internet and it was amazing in all it's Camo goodness. This year I have to admit, I'm not sure whether it was me or DQ that screwed up.........just a little screwup.........the cake said Happy Birthday John...........I was sure that I said "J-O-N" but then again I ordered the cake for Saturday when we didn't need it until Sunday.........oh well, I was able to take off the "n" and turn the "h" into an "n" quite easily............ I'd share a picture, but my Photoshop is acting up on this ancient computer!!!............when I asked Jon what type of cake he would like for his Birthday, he indicated DQ cake or homemade Cakeballs...........ugh.......have you ever tried to construct Cake Balls??? Honestly, I did it once and they looked NOTHING like the beautiful confections that you see on the internet........more like lumpy bumpy dumplings, crumbs sticking to the even if we can't get the cake quite right, it's always DQ it will be~!

I created this card for the Impression Obsession Challenge.. The challenge-to use Orange.........have to admit, Orange isn't one of my fave colours, but I like the way this card turned out. To add a little texture to the card base I stamped a Cover a Card  Music Background and sponged around the edges of the card. I stamped Big and Little Dogs onto White Cardstock, coloured it with Copics and Then sponged in around the nestie template . The sentiment is just a touch of twill that I've had kicking around for awhile now.

Lastly, I added a touch more dimension to the card by adding some Meadow Flower soft to the grassy area and a little Ultra fine Sand to the little pup!

Think about playing along with the IO can win $25.00 toward new stamps!!! I have to say that I'm thrilled that I won the last challenge and I have some rubbery goodness coming my way as we speak!!!

Happy Stamping


  1. you didn't want to make cake balls? I can't understand why you wouldn't want to make that mess LOL!

    Glad you all had a nice day.

  2. What an adorable card, Vicki! I love what you did with the music too! The FS was a great idea! Thanks for playing and good luck in the drawing too, Vicki!

  3. OMG - cake balls - I remember one year for Joel's birthday I made Pokeballs for everyone. Complete with little Pokemon inside the balls.
    Needless to say - he only had those for one birthday!
    Luv ya

  4. Cute Cute Cute! Love this! 8-)



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