Tuesday, August 9, 2011


About two weeks ago, this beautiful ball of fur came into our lives. The tiniest in the litter with the pointy freckled nose..........we just HAD to have her. Because we share a house with my parents, my Mom has been adamant for years that there would be no dogs..........well in a nutshell we managed to endear her (that sounds so flowery.........when in fact we all ganged up on her a little) to this sweet little creature. More about my Mom's love for dogs later!

We picked her from  a litter of five and then were set with the task of naming her.............Lola? Zoe? Candy?...................we went through numerous names and settled on Sydney!!! That would have been Jon's name if he was born a little girl........history repeats itself.........when I was born, my mother was going to name me Jonathon, had I been a little boy.

and so she came home with us. Sweet and timid for the first couple of days, it didn't take long for her comfort level to grow..........now she's trying to rule the roost. 

With this sweet face..............a Shi Tzu who looks like a St. Bernard!  , she has an edge on us for sure!

It didn't take her but a minute to start bringing joy into our lives............and now, I can make  GIRLIE Scrapbook Pages!

Yesterday, she had her first visit to the Doggie Dr.! She's grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks and I was surprised to see that she weighs 4.5 pounds. She sure feels lighter than that!

She didn't hold back the love for Dr. T, who was totally impressed with her disposition. My little girlie is a tough one; didn't even flinch for her first shot! Dr. said she might be a little sleepy for the rest of the day.......needle must have had an opposite affect as she raced around the yard like a flying wallenda!

We finished up her check up by having her first mani/pedicure............she wasn't too fussy for this part, but I think it was because they wouldn't add some pink polish!

Each morning I wake up to slurpy kisses and the smell of puppy breath.

Life just couldn't get any sweeter


  1. she's so sweet, love that last picture and can't wait to see your girly pages!

  2. I thought she was a St. Bernard! Beautiful post Vicki :D

    Wishing you lots and lots of doggie cuddles.Xxx

  3. Isn't it crazy how quickly they make their way into your heart and you can't remember what it was like when you didn't have a dog?
    That's the way it was with me and Charlie - even though Charlie's poops are probably the same weight at your dog!!!
    Luv ya
    See you soon

  4. Awwwwwwww what a sweetie, makes your heart melt when you look into her face. And what a wonderul pics! Enjoy and give her a hug for me!

  5. OMG!!! she looks a lot lime my dog!! Sooooo Cute!!!!

    This is my dogs blog www.bloggercito.com

  6. Oh my gosh, Vicki! How cute is this little ball of fur? No wonder you are smitten with her! LOVE the pictures and I bet she's even cuter in person :)

  7. aw shucks....how adorable.....they sure do wrap their paws around our hearts so quickly.....and that hold never lets go...enjoy this sweetie...what a lucky puppy to be loved so much so quickly......

  8. Ran across your blog in cyber space and saw these adorable pics of your puppy. I am not an entire dog lover, but this cutie caught my eye. It stopped to make me think that I may like them more than I think after all. She is so absolutely adorable. Is this a full bred Shi Tzu? TOo cute!


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