Sunday, August 7, 2011

15 Years ago today..................

the love of my life came into my world. A big bundle of joy at 10 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long, he was strong and beautiful. Today he remains strong and each time I look at him, my eyes cast upon the most beautiful face i've ever seen. We can swap that word for handsome, given the young man that you have become, but remember that beauty is not a word to describe only the feminine.........think of the beauty of a bold sunset, a majestic mountain, the fierce look of a lion as the sun casts shadows in his majestic mane. You are my beauty.

I can't convey how proud I am of the young man that you've become. I love your assertiveness; the ability to stand your ground when you believe that you are right, the way you say what you really mean.....straight, to the point, but without being hurtful. 

I love that fact that at your age, you are very much your own person. You have a strong mind (and although it can be interpreted as slightly and aren't easily influenced by media, labels and peers. You seem fairly comfortable in your own skin; something that some people can strive for forever, but never truly achieve. 

This last year I have watched you mature and grow immensely, this last year  I've witnessed a brighter smile, a higher level of confidence and sense of well being............this last year, I watched you become stronger in your convictions and witnessed you making well reasoned decisions and choices.

I love your sense of humour........... a dry wit that is a little beyond your years. Although your teasing drives me insane at times, I have to admit that you are incredibly funny. I love your laugh, your sensitivity, your knowledge of things that I have not a clue about, your ability to engage in so many levels of conversation. 

I love watching facets of myself, your father, your grandfather and grandma emerge in your personality and only hope that you know that i'm doing my best to raise you  and praying every day that I'm doing a good job. My heart wants to burst with pride when other adults compliment me on what a nice young man you are, because I know it's true and secondly because I take some satisfaction in having had some influence in that aspect.

I Love you!

Although we're having a low key day today, I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday!!!!



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  1. Nice LO and better is the letter for your son. Congrats to him but specially to you, without you and your hard daily work, he wouldn't have become the young man he is today...

  2. Happy Birthday!!! What a fabulous account of the love you have for your son. The Lo is lovely too. I hope it's been a wonderful birthday xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Jon, we'll have to skype soon ;-)

    Vicki, gorgeous scrapbooking page!

  4. Happy Birthday! What a lovely letter to your son.

  5. Oh Vicki- I am over here with tears in my eyes reading your beautiful post...My youngest was indeed my BEST friend and now 4th year of college..broke my heart when he left but at the same time I was so proud of him...still am today! Love him up ALOT! lol they grow so fast...God Bless


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