Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've got my Eye(s) on you!

Yep! Everyone can use extra eyes can't they??? I've always had four.......worn glasses since I was about 7 and would keep them on my face.......... apparently my mom had to purchase several pairs in the early days as I would conveniently leave them here in there as like socks, I didn't like them much and wouldn't have them on too long! Once I resorted to the fact that being able to see IS important, I kept them on my face!!!

When I was around 20 years old, I was able to get some contact vision is so poor that until the late 80's they really didn't make soft contacts for peeps like me and I just couldn't get my eye opened enough to get the hard lenses in. With much practice, I mastered the art of getting the contacts into my eyes and sometimes getting them out without much of a struggle........oh my it's not a nice thing when those lenses decide to take a trip up and under your eyelid............ohhh hope I'm not making you all squeamy feeling! Anyway, with my Big Hair and Baby Blues just a beaming, I thought I was all that............nowadays, I favour comfort over vanity (can you say Flats as opposed to stillettos?) and rarely wear my contact lenses!

Now when I became a mother, like all mothers I got those inevitable eyes in the back of my know, the ones that allow you catching your small child when they're up to mischief? I had my son so convinced that I had eyes in the back of my head that he'd have his little hands back there feeling for them........ "I can't feel them mom, are you SURE they're there?"........"yes Jonathon, how do you think that I know what you're up to at all times?"......It's a wonder I didn't give him nightmares thinking about these extra peepers watching his every move. But he believed me when I told him they are invisible to everyone except for other mothers....funny he did being such a sensible boy. This is the boy that at the age of four looked at me like I was from Mars (yep gotta keep on the alien theme to at least make it a LITTLE relevant to the card that I'll eventually get around to talking about) and said "MOM" why on earth are you dressing me up to take me to the houses of people that we don't know for Candy..........didn't you tell me I musn't take Candy from strangers and BESIDES, we HAVE candy at home! TRUE, this child didn't go trick or treating until about the age of 8, when he actually realized how much candy can be accumulated by one goblin in record time. The child that around the same age, or a year younger refused to go and sit in Santa's knee in the Mall, giving me the "LOOK" and in his precise words: "Honestly mommy, do you THINK that Santa Claus has time to be hanging around HERE (the mall) this time of year..........why, he's far too busy making toys at the North Pole right now, I don't wan't to sit on that guys knee! Ummm, how do you argue that? So I didn't and as a result, only have a couple of Santa pictures!

So I'm surprised he believed in the extra eyes...........not anymore, but we still laugh about that one! Now I'm back to two.......... I no longer get tainted by my friends about being a four eyes AND I wear my glasses as an accessory and Love the way I look in them...... I've progressed to Trifocals, but that's okay.................I can see!

This cute little guy is a High Hopes Image. Zappin' Zeke...........with those three eyes, he must be a really good shot. I am sure that his weapon only shoots marshmallows or popcorn, so nobody gets hurt!!!! You can purchase Zapping Zeke at Amy's Paper Romance. Watch her Website! She has some cool new stuff coming soon!!!

I've had this Crate Paper DP for ages, and just didn't have the right image to work with, so Zeke was perfect for this card! I coloured him with Copics and added some Diamond Glaze to his eyes, gun and tongue for some dimension. A little White gel pen accentuates the border and I used Circle and Arrow punches to zip it up a bit...........

Well I better get back to studying........have a couple of exams later this week and looking forward to getting them out of the way so that I can Stamp stamp stamp next weekend!

Have a great Sunday~


  1. lol...cute card and story....i like this card for boy bday card....

  2. This is fabulous Vicki!! An adorable card!! And I love the stories you share too! Always give me a smile and giggle coming here. Have a fabulous Sunday!!

  3. Hilarious, I have those eyes in the back of my head as well :-)

    Love this image, and the way you added the Diamond Glaze over it is perfect!

  4. This guy is super cute! I can totally picture Johnathon trying to find your eyes in the back of your head!!
    Luv ya

  5. This is über cute! I started wearing glasses when I was about six myself, then moved on to contacts as a teenager (best gift ever!!) and then got rid of it all when I decided to have Lasik eye surgery last year. Worked like a charm! Funny how after 23 years of wearing glasses, it now feels totally normal to just wake up and see everything in focus right away. I have to remind myself sometimes how cool that really is!

    That story about your son figuring out it was not the real Santa is hilarious! Clever little guy!


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