Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kraftin' Kimmie Saturday Challenge12-Heavy Metal

Tara is our Hostess this week and came up with a fabulous challenge-Heavy Metal....being a rocker, I made sure that I listened to AC/DC when creating this project! lol........The challenge is to use Metal Embellishments. I've had this board from the Dollar store for quite some time. After I coloured up this sweet new Wagon Ride image and cut it out, I decided I like it too much to simply use it on a card. I dug through my collections of frames to see if I had one that would compliment the size of the image, but really couldn't find one to work. Thus the Board!

Wagon Ride will be available this Sunday! Did you ever have a little red wagon mishap?? I had a red wagon, but was fortunate enough not to have endured any trauma in it........but Bicycles, well that is a totally different story..........our family didn't have too much luck with bicycles. While racing around the Church Gravel covered parking lot one day, I took a curve too fast and DOWN I went!!!! OUCH.........I hobbled on over to my friends house, where her mom slapped a bandaid on it..........having had 6 kids, I guess she didn't think it was a big deal.

When my mom got home and had a look, well that was a different story.........and thus a trip to the emergency dept..............Fourteen stitches and a cast later..........I had to stay off my bike.

Well and then my Mom got the bright idea that she would purchase Bicycles for her and Dad so that we could do family Bike Rides. Not just any bikes.........matching PURPLE Dad was REAL impressed with the colours. So one fine sunny Sunday morning, we all set out for a leisurely ride........Me, Mom, Happy Family.......NOT for long!!!

Mom and Dad hadn't even gotten to the end of the block when the COLLISION occured......I'm really not sure who caused it, but all I remember is the two of them in a heap on the ground, my dad, knees drawn up, clutching Mom, yelling at him saying that he cut her off........him insisting it was she that drove in front of him and announcing that he had scraped his "hind wheels!" HONESTLY...........It wasn't so amusing at the time, but I kind of chuckle when I think about it now........Dad seemed to recover........Mom continued to blame....for weeks and weeks actually and Dad's posterior never gracing that Bicycle seat again......we went back to Sunday Drives in the Car, listening to Merle Haggard on the 8 Track and stopping for some Fish & Chips and Orange Pop!

Hope that you'll play along with us this week! Head on over to the Challenge Blog to get all the deets on the play and how to hook us up with your creations!!


Plywood Wall Hanging from Dollar Store
Wagon Ride-Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps
CS-Chocolate Brown
Chatterbox Scrapbook Rivets
Copic Markers
Chocolate Brown Satin Ribbon
Bazzil Big Brad
Silver and White Gel Pens

Happy Stamping!



  1. Love the frame idea and how you popped up the image. Fabulous color too with the pop of blue. What a great story. I was rolling on "hind wheels". LOL.

  2. This adorable image made me laugh out loud!! I love how you framed it up and your coloring is fantastic!!! Love it!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories...I'm not sure whether I was supposed to or not, but the visuals really had me laughing!!!!
    You creation is awesome...what a fun visit to your blog!!!!

  4. Such a creative idea, Miss Smarty Pants! Cindy and Mindy are featured beautifully! Just gorgeous!!

    And your story was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG!! I am sorry but you have me in stiches!! It might not be funny at the time but after all said and done it is something to laugh.. about!! What a awesome pic I love the 3-d look :)

  6. That story os too much Vicki! Thanks for sharing!! This is such a gorgeous project! I love it!! xx

  7. She is so cute and I can totally picture your mom and dad on their purple bikes!!!!

  8. HEheeeee -- funny story. Great vibrant card!!! Happy New Year!!!!

  9. That story was so funny Vicki... I was giggling away when my 10 year old asked me why I was laughing so much...He now thinks we should all go for bike rides...ummmm not going to happen now!!

    This is just amazing Vick...You are so talented I am just in awe of all your work...But this, this is just STUNNING!! Beautful creation! Xx

  10. LMBO Vicki! This entry had me rollin'! :P You rock chica...and so does your project! Awesome!!! \m/o_0\m/ <---that's my 'rock on' sign my DD taught me! :P

  11. Just adorable, Vicki! I really like the image cut out! Sorry about all the bike mishaps! Yikes! Bandaid AND a cast? And your poor parents. (lol <--sympathetic kind of giggle)

  12. such a laugh, I haven't had in ages. still giggling. you paint a very clear picture. the card is really cute. thanks so much for sharing...MaryAnn


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