Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday Challenges on a Monday

Sometimes I am late...............really late............a few minutes late for work, really late when it comes to getting into bed at a decent hour. Although I have quite a few type "A" characteristics with hints of perfectionism..........the type "B" in me guides my schedule. I had a bit of a rough week last week, which had some negative influence on my creative flow. Fatigue, coupled with higher levels of emotional arousal left me at a loss to do much but be lazy! Sometimes when I feel that way, it's helpful to push myself to be get out of the house.....dress extra nice intentionally and remind myself that continuing to feel this way will not be productive. Grey moods and negative emotions can have a spiraling effect unless they are attended to. Reminding myself that I am responsible for keeping myself down, I was able to pull up, but not without effort.

I made a promise to my self last night to start moving in the morning. A brisk walk before work to start my day. I was close to going back to bed, but reminded myself that I had told my neighbour that I was going to walk. I am sure that she wouldn't have been disappointed in me, but sometimes sharing your goals and plans with others ensures that you will commit and follow through. And I enjoyed my walk this morning.............listening to my favourite music, the strong sweet scent of Lilac fragrant in the air, enjoying the birds and the deer and the cool breeze on my face, I told myself that this week will be better. And I am positive that it will.

Anyway, I kind of lost myself there for a minute : ) . This card was created to cover two challenges. My Friday Bloggers Group Challenge as well as the Hanna Stamps Challenge that is played each Friday in the Hanna Stamps Forum. You can access both Splitcoaststampers and The Bloggers group from my Sidebar.

The Bloggers Challenge was to create a Red, White and Blue Card, the Hanna Challenge to use Chipboard. I created my own Background on the card, by stamping a small flower stamp to the cardfront, filling in the petals with a Sakura White Gel Pen and the Red Middles with my second addiction, next to chocolate-stickles!. The main image was coloured with Copic Markers. I used Stampin' Up! Real Red Craft Ink to cover the chipboard flower-so much quicker than paint! and had to add some polka dots to it of course!!!! Hodgepodge brushed silver hardware is the base for the sentiment and a SU! Ice brad adorns the middle of the flower.

To all my American friends, have a safe and happy memorial day !!!!!!!


  1. Hanna looks so happy in red, white and blue! Happy Memorial day!

  2. An interesting read, Vicki. I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, so to speak. We are responsible for our own misery or joy. I've pulled myself out of a funk many times by realizing I don't want to feel like that and, by George, I'm not going to. At times it's been over some pretty serious issues, too. Anyway, I enjoyed my visit today. Your stamp art is always fun to look at as well as inspiring. I love this Hanna card in the blue and red. Gee, she could be me--but she's cuter!

  3. What a wonderful card! I really love the little white flowers that you've created for the background! Too cute! Hope you end up having a beautiful day! :D

  4. Vicki, I love the card (I tend to be drawn to red, white & blue combos. I am very much like you in going through up and down moods. I also have to pull myself out of it because I'm a single mom and no one else is going to sit there and ask me what's wrong honey? What can I do to help? Not that ever happened when I had a husband. Sorry, to much information. I might try your idea of walking in the morning. I use to do that. Thanks Mari

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  6. Oh I love what you did with the challenge! Very cute! TFS!


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