Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aren't Sundays supposed to be Relaxing???

I have this ideal image of Sunday being a rather lazy day..............leisurely, time.

Have you ever spent an ENTIRE weekend trying to assist two boys at the onset of adolescence with their Science Fair Project????? That I still have some hair left on my head is quite remarkable.

I also wonder if there is a correlation between testosterone and the ability to listen and follow directions?? Now I did achieve an A- in Psychological Statistics, however I don't recall that this was covered in the course content. I am sure that I certainly would have tucked it away in some lobe of my brain for future use! They tell me they don't want or need help, so why is it that every 26 seconds or so or as soon as I pick up the phone, they are in DIRE need of assistance! After repeating myself 50 gazillion times or trying to obtain further information from the internet, I am told that all is cool! Well, everything except for myself. I am sure that my blood pressure, which is consistently normal has peaked several times since yesterday!

In any case, their display board for the fair will look Fabulous............colour coordinated, die cut titles and the layout exceptional!!! They were rather impressed with my guidance to that degree. Now there is the matter of the Foxhole's all assembled now, but doesn't seem to be working..............................back to the drawing board!!!

So let me escape for a moment from the insanity of science to bask in the bliss of art!!! It only took me about 6 hours to create this card and I am sure that my thighs and glutes have tightened up immensely from hopping up and down to tend to my little darlings!!!!

This card was created for the Hanna Stamps design team challenge that is held each Friday in the Hanna Stamps Member Forum on Splitcoast Stampers. You can find it HERE

The images for this card were created with the ROUTE 66 stamp set that was just released. Isn't it the sweetest?? Now about the picture! Because my table was piled high with science fair and stamping stuff I couldn't even find a wee spot to take a picture....................

So my next bright Idea was to take it outside to capture it's beauty (he eh) in the natural light..........well that didn't work so well. It is so damned windy out today the card kept blowing off the table, thus the dog eared corners..........blew right into the snowbank!! Thank goodness the glitter didn't smudge!!!!

Well, I have to go..................the boys are beckoning again........................sigh. Maybe I'll relax next Sunday!!


  1. Science Fair Projects ... such a worthwhile and often fascinating endeavor ... The rule book never admits how much patience the parent will need ... never! hahaha I'm sure thier SF Board will be extraordinary ... and I'll hope for a working radio before tomorrow!! Go, go radio!! hahahaha I guess you can try to relax "tomorrow"?! *wink*

  2. I hope you win the Science fair. or at least get an A on your projects! You already have an A in my book, (but I doubt that carries much weight at the bank).

    I love your card. Our snow is melting abit here, just enough to refreeze at night and cover the roads in ice. If only Tahiti had craft stores...

  3. Your Hanna card ROCKS!!! I love the sparkly bike!! LOVE IT!! And the arrow and pebbles are the absolute perfect touch!! AWESOME!!

  4. I love this Vicky, sorry about your hectic day though. Makes my sinus headache and kid w/ the flu seem fun!

  5. Fantastic card--love the metallic look!!!....good luck on the science fair!


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