Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pile it on with Stampotique

Good Morning~ Or Good Middle of the Night, if you're up reading this late......... I KNOW it's late, 'cause I'm posting late! Have had a pretty nasty head cold for over a week now. It's making me REALLY tired, but when I lay my head down, it seems to congest me more and then I can't sleep! Bla bla you din't come here to hear me whine about my health. Hmmmmmmmm did you come to hear about my AMAZING oven adventure earlier this evening?

If you ready yesterday's post, you'll know that it's my Mother's Birthday tomorrow....if you didn't, well, It's my Mother's Birthday tomorrow. So, being the sweet, kind and loving Daughter that I am at ALL times (although she might slightly disagree with that, as in the last couple of days, my personality has been a little godzilla "ish". I'm sure to match the skin between my nose and upper lip, which has not been very happy with all the paper activity going on much for the "soft" kind of kleenex, it doesn't work if you have to blow your nose every two minutes...........anyhooooooooooo)

So, I'm baking her Birthday Cake earlier tonight

Oh yeah, skip back to earlier earlier......

since she doesn't have an Oven right now (yes that's another story and if I get on to that one, we could end up in Marakesh before I get my story spit out) she was doing some Garlic bread in mine. My Auntie and Uncle are here for her Birthday, so I was showing her some of the pictures from the trip. Mom, getting caught up in revelling in her repelling photos, forgot the bread was in the oven and burnt it boot black.

Seems that the theme was recurring..... on to 9 o'clockish and I'm baking the cakes.......two cakes in one big pan. Been there, done that. I KNOW this pan fits two cake mixes. Unfortunately the two white cakes were not identical. One was a French Vanilla and the other plain old white. For some reason the cake rose like the second coming of Christ and ended up pouring out all over the oven AND the elements. 
As I'm sitting at the computer or stamping (don't quite recall) I smell burning. I'm thinking "wow, mom really hung a number on the garlic bread".........but it's getting stinkier in here and then comes the smoke......yep,  stinky! So I opened the oven door and LO and Behold, the Cake batter that has escaped the pan is on fire.....nice! Got that mess all under control, finished baking the cake, which kind of stuck to the pan, so rather than risk getting the buttercream (which I had intended to make from scratch) all crummy, it's going to be Loblaws or Costco cake.......that's enough cake baking for me. Wish me luck, i'm doing stamped sugar cookies for Valentines Day!

So, Stampotique Originals is Sponsoring the Pile it on Challenge this week. The Theme is Heartfelt Thanks, but to learn all about it, I'll thank you to head over to the blog to get the scoop, 'cause frankly, I was firefighting tonight and didn't get all the deets from our DT Coordinator before she headed off to bed!

I can tell you though the latest Stampotique Images are NOW AVAILABLE on the BLOG!!!!

OMGOSH!!!! They are all Fabby, but I am Totally Head over Heels silly for Janet Kliens' Wunderland Characters!!!

These guys are called the TWEEDLES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

the Tweedles!!! I was calling them the Fat Boyz....Oh they are SCRUMPTIOUS


I coloured the cheery Chubbies with my Touch Twin Markers

Here's my colour map!

Other Stamps included

Scalloped Lace Border by a Brand New Artist, Roc Nicolas
and the Thank You from Weasel with thank you on the side
and of course the Spiraling out of control background

Other than that, I used some Kraft Cardstock, dimensionals and my handy dandy Sakura Gel Pen

Hope you all have an amazing day.......... I'm off to sleep now and to ponder whether we'll have Chocolate or White cake tomorrow !

Happy Stamping!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Tweedles too, Vicki! Your card is awesome! Well, you've had quite the adventure today! I think you should just step away from the oven for a while!!

  2. Vicki, thanks for stopping by my blog today hon, always means a lot when you stop by and leave me some love. I often stop by but am terrible about leaving the love part, sorry :) Your card is adorable and these two are quite a pair, love your coloring and colors. always a joy to see your beautiful vibrant creatoions. I agree that you and your family should give up baking for the day LOL.

  3. Oh my Vicki your colouring ROCKS ♥♥ I love, love, love your card!

    Many Happy Returns to your Mum..xx I loved reading about your adventures together. I hope you have many

  4. Love Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb - adoreable! (On a firefighters note... try Bread and Butter website... you won't be able to resist one of their cakes).

  5. this is my favorite stamp from the new collection! so adorable and funny:X loveee it!

  6. Wonderful card and great colouring, Vicki! Love it!

  7. I'm so sorry Vicki, but I giggled the whole way through your blog posting - love your story telling abilities!! I hope your mum has a wonderful, unburnt, birthday!
    Love your card so much. I need to get Kraft card to do the border like yours! xx

  8. LOL! Happy Birthday to your mom!! This is such a cute and fun image Vicki! Your coloring is awesome!! Hope you are doing well Vicki and thanks for stopping by my blog! hugs, Angela

  9. Your little fatties are so cute and glad that the kitchen is ok. Sorry you had to go out and buy her a cake but I'm sure she was happy. Wish her a Happy Birthday for me!

  10. love. Love. LOVE the tweedle boyz! and your coloring is scrumptious; thanx for the inspiration! here's wishing you and your Mom had a t'riffic day!

  11. OO those guys are fun. I can totally picture you sitting there stamping while the kitchen is filling up with smoke!!!! It made me chuckle, but I'm glad it was not too serious! Go for a marble cake and then you don't have to choose between chocolate and white!!! or you could go with Carrot Cake - Costco makes a kick ass carrot cake!
    Luv ya bunches

  12. OMG....what a 'hot'!!!

    and these Tweedles...well they 'tweedled' my heart and made me cute....I can think of sooooo many sentiments that would go with

  13. This is SO cute, Vicki! I LOVE those guys!! And WOW...your coloring is AMAZING!

  14. Oh my gosh, that card is FUN!!!! Love the doodled background, the fun pair and your coloring! LOVE it!


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