Monday, March 10, 2008

Time to get back into the Groove!

It's funny how one little stamp can be a source of inspiration. When this little cutie pie arrived at my house, my first thought was that she would make a great image on a fitness or dieting journal...................sweet and practical...well for me anyway. If you have been following my Blog for awhile, you will know that I had surgery last fall and was home for a substantial amount of time. I anticipated that I would feel bad for a couple of weeks and had my to do list made up weeks in advance.

Sorry to say that in that 8 weeks, I mainly succeeded in growing a set of Kick Ass Fingernails and Fluffling up!

I bet you are thinking to yourself.....Fluffling UP??? What in the world is she going off on a tangent about now!!! Well, Fluffling Up is a much kinder way of saying gaining weight.......accumulating extra cushioning here and there and (sigh!) I have to admit I have gained about 35 pounds since October!!! After losing a substantial amount of weight (96 lbs to be exact!) the year before, it is frustrating to be in the place that I am now!

So I am REALLY going to make use of this little Journal. I have a section to track my food intake, another section to record my workouts and a third to track my weight loss goal of losing 60 lbs by the end of September. I figure if I make this commitment in my Cyber world, I may be more motivated to follow through!!! So I may have to post my progress occasionally to keep me honest!!!

Let's get Physical is one of 5 stamp sets to be released this Friday at

I used the latest Stampin' Up! Designer Paper, Summer Picnic, found in the Occasions Mini Collection 2008. Styled Silver embellishments are also available in this mini catalogue as well. The large and small Star Punches made sweet embellishments on this fun project and the Notebook Punch allows you to cover spiral bound notebooks with a level of ease. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks leading up to Friday's new releases.


  1. Love your little diet journal -- good luck on your endeavor and a HUGE congrats on that initial loss!!! WOW!!!

  2. Your journal is too cute!
    Btw, love your blog.

  3. What an awesome journal. I love all the wonderful details...what a fun way to help lose weight....just might have to make one myself! lol!

    Good luck!

  4. Hey Sister, love your diet journal!!! Bring it to the Cape when we meet up!! We can compare notes, now I have to make one for myself. I have goals too! Very cute!!!

  5. I love this and good for you!! It is definitely hard to take when that frickin' weight comes back!......I am speaking from experience! I lost 30 lbs last year and have gained have inspired me to get back to work so I can get into that bikini!! pthththth!(yeh right)LOL!!

  6. I love this idea and now I am getting this set just to make me a little notebook too! TFS!


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