Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fifty-three Years

Fifty-three Years is a long time for anyone to be married. Fifty-three years, is a long time. But as you and I know, time flies. I am so proud of my parents for hanging on through the good, the bad and the downright ugly! It takes more than love for a relationship to endure. I'd say it has taken a lot of patience; on both their parts.

Sometimes I listen to them bicker at each other and wonder why they're still together. Then there's the tender moments; rarely seen by my eyes, they do get caught occasionally. They grow together gracefully and although they drive each other crazy, they have each other's back. That's a part of their love that I truly admire. 

To wish them 53 more years together would probably just be cruel. What I do wish for them however is to continue to grow older together and to enjoy each other as long as they can. I love that they took their marriage vows seriously

To have and to hold
For better or worse
for richer or poorer
in sickness and in health 
'til death do us part.

Happy Anniversary

All my love, Vicki


  1. Wow--what a beautiful post, Vicki, & what a fabulous creation for your folks! Love seeing their unique wedding picture--what a treasure!

  2. Happy Anniversary Sandy and Ken. Please give them big hugs from me!


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