Friday, September 21, 2012

The 10 minute craft dash

I have to tell you that I am totally GROOVIN on this challenge, cause first of all, it's a GROOVY CHALLENGE....fresh and different and secondly because this week the colours are 


Thirdly......hmm is Thirdly actually a words

Thirdly, creating a card in under 10 minutes is TOTALLY a challenge for me!

KUDOS to Pretty Pink Posh for setting up this challenge, cause believe me, it's a RARITY that I ever participate in challenges.......EVER, but I was wiggling on the edge of my seat waiting for this one to come out......YES!! Seriously WIGGLING....and can you imagine my pure glee when I could get the scoop on the challenge just by liking the Facebook COOL is that!!!!

Kay, so Seriously Pretty Pink Girl, I am not saying this to butter up for a although those Lawn Fawn stamps are SUPER Cute!!! What I'm sayin' is that I love this challenge SO MUCH that I created TWO cards.....yep two!!! 

SO here's the lowdown on the cards

Time: 9:48

Yep, beat my time from last week. It would have been a LOT quicker, except I fiddled around for awhile with that button and twine treatment. But if you noticed, I did have some time to add glitter on my Tree! ACTUALLY, I ran the die cut through the Xyron so I could bedazzle it in record time!!!

SHAZAM!!! Another Christmas Card Created -Double YAY
When you are a known cardmaker, it is a HUGE Faux Pas to EVER give someone a store bought card


Notice that I kept my colours muted? That is because my palette rarely see's a blend of such brightness. Every once in awhile you'll see something bright and bold, but I think I tend to be more attracted to Earth and muted tones. So, the kraft cardstock tones it all down quite a bit don't you think?


Bakers Twine-The Twinery
Buttons and Glitter-Misc

So then I REALLY got daring

I hope that you had your sunglasses on while looking at this baby!

SO I am TOTALLY getting better at creating QUICK cards!!!

My time...........9:46...Not particularly swift, but a little better than my last effort

Holy Geez, you people, you are going to have me creating copious amounts of pink, yellow and green time just to beat my record. This could get more addicting than Scramble with Friends!!!

Anyhoo........I like this card. The only thing that is kind of off for me is that HUGE HONKIN BOW. That being said, I didn't have time to create another.


I would have liked to glitter the flowers a bit and I probably could have still made the 10 minute mark, but I wasn't giving up my world record! If I keep this up, I'll be ready for the Card Dashin' Olympics by Spring!! I am having a blast with this challenge and a ton of fun writing up the post. It's bringing out my playful side and also allowing me to continue to procrastinate doing the dishes and watching the two university lectures that await me on my laptop. Oh well, I'd rather be stamping!



Onsie4baby and Onsie Die-The {Stamps of Life}

Happy Stamping!


  1. Wow, you go girl! Love that you did multiple cards, they are all so different.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, you are just a hoot, Vicki! I'm thrilled you enjoy the challenge and that you "liked" my page on FB so you could get a head start on your card! This just makes me so happy! Both of your cards are darling- fabulous job with the colors.

    Thank you for playing along in the 10 Minute Craft Dash- I'm counting on you playing on the next one. :)

  3. If you don't normally join challenges, then it must be the 10 minute deal you are like, "Sheesh, I got this, totally!" lol Your cards are cute. I love the bright, sunglasses required card.

  4. 10 minutes?!! It takes me at least that long to clean up from the last card before I even start. Hats off to you for doing these sweet cards in 10 min!!

  5. Oh wow girl!! These are so awesome!! I really love that little onsie card!! SWEET! :)

  6. hehehe, so cute! love both of these cards... and glad you added the glitter to the tree--it's blingin' out! :D thanks for playing along with the 10 Minute Craft Dash! hope to see you participating again!


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