Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a HOOT!!! Stamps of Life September Release

Soooooooooooo, where did the Summer go? Can you believe it's September 1st already? I am going to miss some aspects of summer..........swimming in the lake, fishing, lot's of bbq's, super fresh produce and late sunsets. I wont miss the mosquitoes, the humidity or the look of sun scorched grass.

Autumn is actually my FAVOURITE season............first and foremost because it's SWEATER and BOOT weather. There is nothing that I love more than having a cozy sweater wrapped around my body! Long Sweaters, Skinny Jeans and Boots.................sometimes topped off with a that's my idea of a perfect fashion statement......even better, a Turtleneck! If you have a nice warm sweater or two, you can bbq all year long! I love how fashion evolves and this falls' trend seems to be longer sweaters and THAT makes me wiggle with excitement!!!

Speaking of wiggling, Sweet Sydney is growing like a weed. She is having her second shots today, so we're off to the Puppy Doctor after work! Look at that cute face! Looks can be deceiving however and we have been known to call her Syd Vicious! When we went to look at all of the puppies, there she was; the runt of the litter, her little head and body just half the size of the rest of the clan, sweet and cute, I thought perhaps she was a little timid ( I think I have a propensity for the underdog, my last puppy, a husky, was also the runt of the litter) anyhow was I WRONG!!! Little Ms. Sydney has quite the personality to go along with those razor like teeth. She loves to play and doesn't seem to always latch on to the target of a toy, but rather has riddled my inner forearm with bites that resemble track marks.............not a good thing when you work in a prison!! Anyway, despite her bite (we're working on that!) I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her! At least she wins the hearts of her victims before she goes in for the juggler!

I used this adorable newly released set from The {Stamps} of Life to create this layout. Owls2love has a lot of adorable stamps that you can do all kinds of nifty things with. If you want to see more fabulous samples, click here to get to the Gallery.

Well I best hop into the shower and get ready for work..........I was up in the WEE hours of the morning as my gym membership was to start today and I ventured out, bleary eyed for a 6 a.m. hot yoga class. Ms. Cheery morning girl at the front desk greeted me with " I guess you're here for hot yoga?"........did I really look all that conspicuous with my King Sized Lavendar mat? Now in the spirit of attempting to be a morning person, I forced a cheesy smile and said "yes I am", when really my Garfield morning personality wanted to say "Naw, my big fat husband was snoring like a truck driver, so I thought I could catch a few Z's here".

Unfortunately the Instructor was ill this morning. Note to self: next time: pack in your running shoes and ipod and in the event that the Yogi can't make it, then you can actually DO SOMETHING  as opposed to spending 40 minutes driving around in a foggy state (which is not a good thing if you get stopped by the police and he sees all the Sydney Bites on your inner arms). The upside is I got a free pass to bring a friend and had time to make some Oatmeal for Breakfast (Have you ever tried putting Yogurt on top of your Oatmeal? It's positively YUMMY) and lastly, I had time to ramble on and on to you all! So if you're still reading my banter, have a fabulous day!!!


Who is a little distraught because her animated siggy seems to have bit the dust!


  1. This is a fabulous page Vicki! So sweet!! xx

  2. bummer that the teacher was ill. Love this page of Sydney, so darn cute!

  3. Absolutely adorable page Vicki and loved the chuckle you gave me this morn while reading my blogger...Have a great wkend!

  4. Look at that precious puppy grow! Now she's even getting her own 'wardrobe' too! ha Very cute page of your darlin' Sydney!


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