Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes I wished I didn't look like a people person!

I seem to have the kind of face that is inviting to strangers........I know that this is mostly an advantage, because no matter where I go, I usually make acquaintances, time in lineups pass quickly when you're making conversation and it's great when you need directions or the inside scoop on an event or things like that..................

That being said, sometimes I wish I could just meld into the woodwork and go unnoticed. Why? because sometimes people (well complete strangers actually) want to give me WAYYYYYYYY to much information about themselves. Additionally, making a quick stop into a store to pick up a drink can be all time consuming when the clerk decides to tell you all about her medical problems or her son's financial woes...........I've been known to spend almost a half an hour at a check out counter just listening to someone's story. Just when you think you've heard it all, along comes a story that could make one's hair curl!!! ............relationship stories, medical stuff (warts and headlice and other unmentionable things) and all about peoples nuclear and extended families; who is arguing with who, who's getting cut out of the will, child support woes.....you name it!!!

Maybe if I carried a purse like Relaxin, I wouldn't be so approachable. Not quite sure what's got me on such a tangent this evening, I think it was the Freakin' People Person sentiment on this card that set me off~ Truth be told, if 5-10 minutes of lending an ear is helpful to someone else, whether it makes a difference in their life or not, then it's worth it. Really and truly I guess I am blessed that I'm approachable and franky, some of the things I hear evoke a multitude of emotions and occasionally a good belly laugh!

Ms. Relaxin is coloured with Copic Markers. I've been using the two teal colours BG72 and BG75 a LOT!!! Kimmie from Kraftin' Kimmie got me hooked on these when we were doing make and takes at Scrapfest! They are simple YUMMY!!!!

I think I'm going to head off to watch some Football for a little while...........Go Ravens~

Happy Stamping


  1. Fabulous card and great story, Vicki!

  2. Your fabulous personality and inviting nature is a great asset and a great curse to live with!! ;)

    Love this card Vicki! It's fantastic!! xx

  3. hi Vicki- chuckling over here at your story- I know what u mean exactly! lol This card is so appropriate! I really like these images..not sure why! Merry Christmas!:)

  4. ha OMG I remember some of the things people have talked to you about when we have been out and about!!! Remember our tour through the prison museum...that was a TMI day for sure!!
    Luv ya

  5. I LOVE this...I sometimes joke that I have a "I Care" sign on my forehead.

  6. Great card and you struck a cord with the story- I know the feeling. Standing in trafalgar Square, I'm the one the drunk comes and talks to. Yea Me!


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