Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm up and running with Ippity and First day of High School!

I'm excited to tell you that after months of good intentions, I am finally up and running with my Ippity! You can read all about it HERE !!! I'm also going to be doing some Teaching through the fall and if you're interested in receiving a copy of my Curriculum and Schedule, contact me at

I'll try not to get too sappy in my post today, but I wanted to share a couple of photo's with you. A couple really is all that I could get AND I had to resort to manipulation and Coercion to get them........ the morning kind of unfolded like this............

Being the good Mom that I am , I woke up early to cook Jon, formerly known as Jonathon, to a nice warm Brekkie of Bacon and Eggs. I wanted him to have a good breakfast as he was to start Football Practice the very first day of School. I talked to him about how he is growing up and said all that sappy stuff that I'll spare you with here since I already posted mushy stuff on his Birthday........ but I'm sure you get the gist!

And so the conversation goes:

"Mom, can you give me a ride to the Bus Stop"? Now, the bus stop is about a 7 minute walk from home and would be a good kick start to exercise those size 15 puppies first thing in the morning!

"Yes Jon, but only because it's raining, are you ready to go?"

"Yep, what are you doing Mom?"

"Getting my Camera for your first day of School Picture'"

"We don't need to do that Mom"

"I KNOW it isn't a NEED Jonathon............ It's a want........I've taken a picture EVERY year since you started in school"

"But Mom, I'm in High School Now...........REALLY"

So I beat him out the door and I'm standing there, SLR in hand outside the back door ready to take the shot and got a REALLY great shot of the back door. Lo and Behold, he sneaks out through the garage and is starting to get into the car. FOILED??? NOT!!!! Nope, not me......I'm too determined. I am getting that Shot and NOTHING is going to stop me, NOTHING~~~

"What do you think you're doing Buster??"

"I'm getting in the car Mom"

"Oh no, you're not! I'll tell you what, if you don't pose for me now, I'm going to jump out of the car (In my mismatched Pajamas and Bed Head) and Snap shots while you get on the bus!"

Is that purely EVIL or what???? Needless to say, I got a few shots and I think I made him laugh eventually. I don't think I REALLY would have done that............hmmmmmm well maybe I would have, but please don't tell him, I still have Three more first day of School Pictures to take before he's all grown up and off on his own! That will be WAY too soon for me.


  1. okay...your making me all gushy here! my daughter also started highschool yesterday and I got all emo hee hee. very handsome young man you have there Victoria xoxo

  2. He's such a cutie! They grow up so fast. Mine is only eleven and way too cool for Mom and her goofiness. I still snap a shot every year also, and it's getting tougher to nail him down before he's out the door!
    So glad to be on the Simply Betty Team with you. I have been stalking you for a while now and really enjoy your work with the Annie Rodrigue images in particular. All your stuff is amazing!!

  3. Just tell Jon that I walked out the laneway with Jade and my fuzzy slippers and shorts and a tank top.....and told them I was gonna stay there until the bus picked them up!!!! And I took pictures too!
    They are growing up on us Vicki - and there ain't a darn thing we can do about it.
    Luv ya

  4. Your post so cracked me up Vicki!! I am sure your son was just loving you!! LOL!! So fun! I am a sap too...they grow up so fast!

  5. OH VICKI!!!!! This made me LOL and totally smile... The threat of mismatched jammies and bed head... NEVER would have worked, as you see being a shift worker I have GONE TO THE SCHOOL, walked across the football field in that exact attire... You gotta do whatcha gotta do... My kids NEVER fear what I will wear somewhere as NONE OF US ever know... LMAO

    Congrats to JON and his BIG FIRST DAY!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! YOU DONE GOOOOOOD MAMA!!!!! :)


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