Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pink Cat Thursday!

It's PINK CAT Thursday and that means lots of new and fun images!!!! I am totally smitten with this little LOVE Monkey!!!! Also, did I tell you that I'm the proud owner of a Cricut Expression...yep the Pink one!!! sooo pretty! I'm very excited, because now, with the bigger cutting surface, I'll get more use out of my Tags, Boxes and More Cartridge!!!

I made this simple heart box, keeping it plain and adding just a wee bit of Ribbon as an accent, as well as some white gel pen dots for a little bit of contrast. You can download sentiments for free at the Pink Cat site to go with your digi images!!! Don't forget to check out the fabby DT creations by checking the links on my sidebar.....

California Dreaming

I promised to share some of my California Pictures with you. I have some great ones of some of my favourite peeps from CHA, but really wanted to start by sharing some memories of my best day in California......ohhh man......... I wish I had some sand between my toes's very chilly here, but alas, spring will come sooner that we know........ well I hope!

Jeanne and I hired a private driver to chauffeur us around to some of the prettiest Beaches in Southern California. Our First Stop of the day was at Huntington Beach.

This is the spot where I dipped my virgin toes into the Pacific!!!! I had totally wanted to do this the last two years that I had attended CHA, but really didn't get the opportunity, so this time we grabbed the bull by the horns and just did it!!! This is the little boardwalk that goes out into the Ocean........ a great spot to take close up shots of the hunky surfers!!! Actually I feasted my eyes upon about a hundred of them!!! There must have been some kind of event going on as there were many surfers, some camera crews and a little Helicopter that had a camera in it! that WAYYYY cool!

Following that, you will see one of the Surfer dudes. I can't wait to share more pics of Beach day! This was just our first stop! Last but not least, you'll see some of the Pink Cat Girls!!!! I was Thrilled to meet Kerry, Suzanne and Kristin as well as the sweet Jessica D who is on Crazy4Challenges DT with me. In addition, I made a new friend, Marty! I got to experience my maiden voyage to the Cheesecake Factory with Kerry, Suzanne, Jeanne, Marty and a couple of other very cool ladies!!! OMG!!!! The Crispy Spicy Steak Stir fry was to DIE for...............I had leftovers AND had to take out my dessert (Coconut Cream Cheesecake) as well as a second one to go (Caramel Apple Struesel!)...........Candid Confession: I coerced Jeanne into returning to the Cheesecake Factory for a takeout of Apple again!!! All I can say is that I sure am glad that they don't have a Cheesecake Factory remotely close to me AND they really put a damper on things by displaying the Caloric value of each piece at the takeout counter!!!! Hmmmmmmmm good week though, with all the yumminess, I still managed to come home lighter due to all the activity!

This is Jeanne, my partner in crime!

Surfer dude!

Cool Dude for sure!

Pink Cat Girls and friends!!!
Back row: Kristen, Kerry, Jeanne, Me and Jessica
Front Row: Marty and the latest and Greatest Dirty Girl!!! Suzanne!


  1. keep using your cricut ... it might make me drag mine out LOL. Love this btw!

  2. New toys!!!! Good for you!!!!
    I told Jade that would be a nice Mother's Day present!! ha ha
    I'm glad to see some pictures of California!!!! I'd love some sand between my toes right now too - I don't think work paid their heating bill this month.

  3. Vicki, how fun is your monkey coming out of the window in the treat box! Those are hot hearts, right? Mmmm!! Glad you had fun in California!

  4. Your box is FANTASTIC!! Love it girl! I'm so bummed that I didn't go to CHA. I would have loved to meet up with the PCS girls!

  5. Darling treat box, Vicki!! Looks like you had a fabulous time at CHA!!

  6. a new Cricut??? Awesome!!! Love the beach pictures, looks like you & Jeanne had a lot of fun touring!

  7. That is so great that you guys checked out the beach. I am so jealous. Looks gorgeous!!! The treat box is awesome. Love it. Your monkey looks great on this. Love the new look on your blog btw......

  8. AAWW!! Vicki, this is just the sweetest ever!! I love that adorable box and that monkey makes me smile!! :) And boy it sure looks like you guys had an excellent time at CHA!!! Would've loved to meet up with you girls!! :) HUGS

  9. Cute project, Vicki! Loving your pics too!

  10. Gotta love those California beaches! It's definitely one of the best things about living out here, no doubt about it!


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