Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey! Hey, I wanna be a Rock Star!

It's true........ but it's kind of a secret................but I guess now the cat's out of the bag!!!

I have been a musician from a very young age. I started taking Piano lessons when I was around 6 or 7 and carried on through to my adolescence. I ended up with a grade 10 certification through the Royal Conservatory of Music and even taught beginner students as a source of income while going through College.

I could play Bach and Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart, but deep down, what I REALLY wanted was to be a Rock Star!

If you can believe it (particularly for those of you who don't know me...) I was a bit of a ham from a very early age. It would be nothing for me to stage a production for company, playing the piano, singing and even doing Cowardly Lion impressions from the Wizard of Oz!

My mother tells me that before the age of two, I would stand in the shopping cart and as I spotted different items on the shelves that I had seen advertised on T.V., I would sing the commercial......................this is TOTALLY going to date me and hopefully someone will remember....................."Ajax, the foaming cleanser.......boom, boom, boo boom boom!!!!

And so it went on............I was BORN to be a STAR!!!! at least I thought I was. Then came adolescence and I started to feel a little bit awkward with the show tune routine......however those who were used to my antics, would always ask me to sing. Because I only played classical piano and really wasn't a natural with the instrument, I asked my parents to buy me a guitar. That way I could have something to clutch on to, to ease the awkwardness that seems to go hand and hand with evolving into teenage hoodom...............teenagehoodem.......hmmm is that a word........well, if you've been there, I am sure you can relate!

In my head I had this vision of something sleek..............Like this Guitar that Jimmy Page was playing a Peavey Amp a very cool guitar strap.........and of course it was about then I started working on growing the Big Hair

In reality, I ended up with a really pretty second hand Yamaha Classical, wide neck and no pick up....soft and quiet, not conducive to Bring it on Home or a Whole lotta love, but like every new guitar player, I did learn how to play Stairway to Heaven and Hotel California. Funny, some things never change. I attended Jonathon's Christmas Music Concert (He is learning to play the electric guitar) and two of the songs on the playbill for the evening were just those two songs that I first learned!

I never really learned to be a guitar player, but rather played guitar and took a big shift back to Country Music, which I had been raised on singing along on numerous drives in my Dad's Truck. All those Old songs.......Haggard, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride were always easy to bluff with a three chord progression and to jazz things up, I could do some eagles and REO Speedwagon.

Never did become a Rockstar, but I suppose I was the headliner at the occasional campfire, I won a few singing contests here and there and actually played a few gigs with a Southern Rock Band in a bar to remain nameless to protect the not so innocent!!!! lol!

I still play a bit today on my own and when I have the opportunity to jam with some good friends. It Thrills me that at the age of 12, Jonathon is a much better guitarist than I ever was and I am learning to sing some great rock songs...........Greenday, Nickelback, without the pressures of playing and I kick butt at WII Rockband!

Now didn't that tag line evoke a LOT of memories.............anyway to the Project!

I wanted to create a masculine looking CD Holder for a friend whom I am making a CD of his favourite songs. I used this Tutorial from Splitcoaststampers to whip up this project quite quickly. The base cardstock is Night of Navy, the Metallic DP from the Rockstar stack and the Music note from Piggytales Old King Cole Collection. The image is from the Hanna Stamps Rock Star set!

And the WHOLE while I was making the project I was singing Sweet Home Alabama!!!!

Happy Stamping!



  1. Hah! Vicki, you crack me up! - Rock On!!! Great project, by the way!

  2. Vicki,

    I loved that story every minute of it!!! You are such a fun person to come visit and read!!!

    I adore the new picture too!!! Go Girl!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!


  3. Great new picture Vicki! I love your rockin' card and your story, great design, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  4. lol @ the 'growing big hair'....oh to be living the days of big hair again....what great times :0)
    Great artwork and story :0)

  5. TEEHEE!! Didn't we ALL have big hair those days?!! lol!! Your card is ROCKIN' girl and so are YOU!!! I knew you had that in you....I could tell you are one rockin' girl!! I love it!! :) TFS!

  6. Hey Vicki! With your new photo, you kinda look like a rock star!! LOL! Love the new photo of you!

    Wow, you can play the piano, especially classical music! The guitar too no less! You sing too. . wow, you are a rock star! LOL!!

    My kids took piano lessons when they were younger and they can play pretty well. My daughter is overly competitive so she wanted to change her instrument to a guitar because she didn't like playing the same instrument as her brother.

    We bought my daughter an acoustic and electric guitar and also aukulele and she had a short stint with guitar lessons. She can play all three. She wanted to be like those "real" rock guitarist and learn on her own so she quit the guitar lessons. Silly girl. But she did learn on her own. . she self taught herself with the guitar and now, she can jam. . love just watching her play knowing she learned it on her own!!

    As for you card! It's awesome! Love the B/W color. My daughter would totally appreciate a card like that!!


  7. Vicki, your card is so funny. Love it so much... Great colors... Your newe picture is so beautiful... YOU ROCKS!!!!! ;-) have anice day! Hugs from Silke

  8. Hey don't forget "jammin' in Joe's garage!!!!!
    Luv ya

  9. Vicki! This so funny! You are so funny, but I can so totally remember singing commercials too!! =) Love your new pic and your card is so perfect!!
    Jodi =)

  10. Wow vicki you are so accomplished! I had no idea you played the piano and for so long! I just love all your stories! they are always so cute and funny and this one is great!!! I think it is great that you want to be a rocker and I still think you should go for it! Why not!!! Love the card as well! So much fun and so creative! Totally amazing! Love the new pic as well!


  11. VICKI!! Girl...what an awesome little story! LOVE THE NEW PIC! LOLOLOLOL Totally cute card!
    My son bought his first guitar out of high school! He now is almost 30 and lives in NC and plays at a Blues bar on the weekend for fun! He never had a lesson in his life..go figure!

  12. From your pictures I can see you as a rockstar. You do look like a spotlight kinda woman :). I love singing too but I'd never feel comfortable enough to stand before public so I have never taken it outside our home or my car (the people in the car next to me waiting for the same traffic lights can't hear me sing so they don't count as public... they can see me sing and swing though :) ).

    Anyway, love the idea of the cd card and love how you made it come to life. I'm going to remember this project!! Thanks for the inspiration and the story!


  13. Isn't it great when our kids share our interests, and we get to enjoy them enjoying themselves with it? Thanks for sharing your story, and all the smiles while I read!

    I'm a Faithful Lurker here - but I love your work, and so am a mostly silent fan!

  14. I totally think you're a rock star!! And so cool that Jon is musical too! I am tone deaf. very sad.

  15. I absolutely loved this story, and I can totally see you as a rock star! I used to be a groupie of sorts (during my ill spent youth) and always wished I had a decent singing voice so that I could be a rock star, too. hahahahaha!


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