Friday, August 8, 2008

In the Blink of an eye-Reflections of your Birthday-August 7th 2008

In the blink of an eye, you have become almost as tall as me, exactly a half inch shorter to be precise.

In the blink of an eye, you have grown from a sweet little toddler into a young man who has developed his own unique sense of humour, in which I see some of myself imported.

It seems like just yesterday I rocked you in the very room where you blew out your Birthday Candles. You loved to rock for hours and hours and I loved to enjoy holding you in my arms, singing and rocking, giggling and rocking, reading a story and rocking

I just wonder how we got to yesterday so quickly. One more year and you will be a teenager, when it seems that just a year ago I was scaring the monsters out of your closet with a can of Monster repellent (airwick actually!) and you still believed I had eyes in the back of my head!!!! Now some days when you give me the "look", I truly believe you think I have two heads!!!!!

I'd like to hope, that in addition to inheriting my silly nature, that I have had some influence into the good attributes that you have developed as you grow. Your thoughtfulness and impeccable manners, your ability to be comfortable with who you are and your sensitive and sweet nature.

I fell in love with that sweet baby from the first moment that I set eyes on him, just because he was mine. Today I love him more and more for each and every moment and memory that has imprinted on the path to who he has and will become.




I made this card for Jonathon. Funny thing is, he loves to give me hints and tips to improve my card making. He happened to be in the room when I was colouring Riley and actually sketched out how his Jersey should look, based on his Football Team Colours. Just being shy of 5'10" tall at the age of 12, Football is a perfect sport for him!

I used Copics to colour in RIley, along with a white gell pen to do the stripes on his Jersey. The Leather looking Paper is from Prism and feels like a Pigskin Football. The Initials are Tim Holtz Grunge board that has been sponged with a gradation of various colours from SU's craft ink. Faux Stitching and a little stamping on the "H" with the happy stamp from everyday flexible phrases, a rub on and a football brad complete the look. The Fabulous Layout comes from Hanna Stamps Designer Amanda Sewell and will be posted HERE a little later today. Happy Friday!!!!


  1. Can you believe how fast they grow? I love your card. Every element and detail is adorable!

  2. Oh my word......1st I love that cake.....2nd I love that card, and 3rd, that sentiment is so are a great mom and he will grow up to be a great man....they do grow so fast.....

  3. are a super fantastic mom and don't you ever forget that! Your words are so touching! Can't wait to see you when you come this way!!
    Hugs, Tamster

  4. Vicki, this brought tears to my eyes. Not only is the card awesome, but your musings and the photo of you together are priceless!

  5. This is so cool, love that grass riley is standing in.

  6. Your card is terrific, Vicki and what a pair you and your son make!! I LOVE that pic of the two of you together - what an absolutely amazing connection you two have!!


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