Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mi vida Loca

Oh my Gosh!!! There doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day at the best of times, but this week I could have used an additional 8 or 10 per day. the positive thing about the week was that I was blessed to be afforded the opportunity to train other Program Facilitators in a new Violence Prevention Program. I was also co facilitating with Diane, who has been a mentor and a positive role model since the time I was a nervous newbie, sitting in her classroom learning to teach Cognitive skills. So ultimately, the pressure was on!!!!!

First of all, it is very different to deliver a Program to your client group, then to teach others to facilitate the Program. Secondly, I was a little nervous, being my first time and all and most of all, I needed to ensure to the best of my ability that I put in the utmost effort to ensure that I created lesson plans that reflected a good understanding of the information and skills that I was teaching.

Needless to say, much time of my time in the last few weeks was put into meeting this objective.
I was well prepared for the lessons, but I wasn't prepared for the exhaustion!! I am a night owl and rarely go to bed before 1 a.m. but this week I was an 11 O'clock girl. By the time I got home each night and finished my "homework", I thought I would die!!!

Anyway, hoping to get caught up on a few things this weekend and paying a little more attention to getting some posts on for you!

This was a neat little project that I came up with for the Hanna July Release. Using the accessories from the Hanna Baseball set and a Dollar Store Mouse Pad/Bulletin Board, I created this little altered Scrapbook item. This is my wee Jonathon, when he was but a little tyke!!!
I used the shoes, ball and glove from the stamp set to create a background on the mat, as well as colouring and cutting out the shoes and clove. I shrunk a Baseball Score Card down and used the arrow punches from SU as an accent. The Title Letters are die Cuts from a Cuttlebug Alphabet.

I used Green Galore and Lovely Lilac as my main colours, with black accents. This was definitely a fun project to do. I put a magnet on the back and it presently makes a nice accent for my refrigerator.

Happy Saturday!!!!!


  1. Ths is gorgeous. I love the colors. Noah now thinks purple is a color for girls and he does not want any purple on anything that is for him. He would shriek if this was for him. I love it!

  2. Okay, I was going to tell you that you might need to update, but since your other friends/readers are lurkers and not commenters, maybe you are punishing all of us.


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