Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More About Me!!!!

Did you know I'm a Jammie Girl???? With the exception of slippers ( I am Bare feet all the way!) and having to put clothes on to go to work, I could live in Jammies! And the Bare feet thing??? Well apparently that has been going on forever. My mother used to have to send out a search party for my shoes from the time that I was a toddler. Seldom did a day go by, where I actually arrived home without naked toes!!! See, a true free spirit!!! Mom should be thankful that I didn't give her Bra issues!!!

I am not usually in the door for five minutes before I have dropped my laundry for more favourable attire!!! My Favourites: Sponge Bob, Black Pants with the Red Tongues from the Rolling Stones (Ohhhhh I'm dating myself again) and of course the Ever Famous BETTY BOOP!!!!!

Like this little Jammie Bella, I also have a few Teddy Bears. Although I have pared down my Collection over the years, I still have several of my favourite stuffies. I am partial to Boyds Bears and Gund as well as the little Boyd's Bear figurines. I am not much of a collector of anything these days (well Stamps I suppose!), but every once in a while I will catch a Teddy Bear out of the corner of my eye that is pleading for a home.

The background for this card was created with the Petals and Paisley stamp set available in the Spring Catalogue. Don't Orange and Pink Passion make a cool and cheerful combination? The white and orange patterned paper was made with the Petals Wheel.

Well, gotta go and get out of my Jammies (sigh!) and head to work!

Have a Great DAY!!!!!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! So cute, and the colors are awesome. TFS!!!! This card rocks! :-)

  2. LOL!! You are soo funny :) Great Card!! I don't have own any bellas yet. Love your colors too. Hey, thanks for the comment you left me in the gallery. I'm so glad you did cause I found your blog!! :) Love it!!

  3. supah cute girl!! love the photo corner too!!

  4. So bright and cheerful and fun! TFS Jammie Girl!

  5. what a cute story - LOVE your card! It's so bright & cheerful


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