Sunday, May 13, 2007

I LOVE my Watercolor Wonder Crayons!!!!

The advantages of using the Watercolor Wonder crayons to colour images are vast, but for me the opacity that you can achieve with this medium allows for the applications of layering colour, painting on coloured cardstock and achieving crisp highlights through the removal of colour.

Teamed up with Stampin’ Up’s! Aquapainters, you are able to create vibrant images.

Let me show you how!


  • SU! Watercolor Wonder CrayonsÔ
  • SU! AquapaintersÔ
  • StazonÔ Solvent Inkpad
  • Watercolour Paper
  • Paper Towel

Step One

Stamp your image on the Watercolour paper with Stayzon (tm)

Wait a minute or two for your ink to set.

Step Two

Rich colour can be achieved through a process of layering colour. Working from light to dark, build your layers of colour accordingly. If you are looking for a warm colour finish (Red, Brown, Green, Orange) start with shades of yellow and strengthen the colour until you build to the finish colour. If you are finishing in cool colours tones, (Blue, Purple, Cool Reds) start with the lightest hue available and build from there. This example shows the building of a Warm Red Finish.

Start by filling the image with a light wash of Banana.

Step Three

Leaving the highlighted areas (areas that would catch light if exposed-i.e. the crown of the hat, the puff of the sleeves) unpainted, choose a darker hue of yellow (summer sun) and colour in a reduced area, particularly paying attention to filling areas that would be shadow cast (Under waist bands, to the sides of strong lines etc.).

Step Four

Choosing a deeper strength of colour again (More Mustard) follow the principles of step three, making sure your darker colour becomes slightly less than the previous application.

Step Five
Repeat Step Four using a deeper colour (Only Orange)

Step Six

After adding your final colour, use your clean and fairly dry aquapainter to gently blend all of the colours together.

Using a darker colour (Chocolate Chip works well with warm shades of red) Blend some colour into the Shadowed areas.

“Lift” out colour from the highlighted areas, using a slightly damp aqua painter. Wipe the aquapainter on the paper towel to wipe off the colour and repeat this process until you achieve the level of highlight that you are looking for.

You can blend additional highlights in by adding some of the mid point colours (example: for highlighting on red, try Mustard or Summer Sun).

Enjoy your Finished Project!!!

Additional Tips

  • Be Patient-although it seems like a lengthy process, once you get the order of colours arranged, it actually works up quite quickly.

  • Ensure that you wipe your aquapainter off before changing colours
  • Make sure that your aquapainter is not too wet. I usually work with a slightly damp brush, blotting the excess water off the brush with paper towel.

  • If your work become too wet on the paper, carefully blot the paper with paper towel.

  • Wait a second or two between applications of colour to ensure that it has set.

  • Don’t over blend; too much blending will make for muddy work.

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