Saturday, April 28, 2007


Just found out I've been Tagged by Leslie at Running with Scissors

'Kay, so I need to tell you Seven things about Myself that you may not know.

I am a musician and songwriter. I play Piano (classical, but never in front of anyone!), Guitar (not So well, but will play with anyone!) alto saxophone and I sing. I was in a Country Rock Band for a brief period of time in the 80.'s when my Hair was bigger than my waist!!!!

I am Blind as a Bat!!! My prescription is so strong that if I don't have my glasses on my bedside table, I get panicky because I can hardly see to find them!!

I have a Belly Button and Nose Piercing

My Favourite Movie is Wizard of Oz....................Yes, Seriously!!!!! and apparently I have just learned that this is very cool because it is Johnny Depp's Fave movie as well ( I read that in People Magazine)

I am a People Magazine Junkie!!!! Have to have my fix every week!!!

I am ambidextrous...............I can write my name with both hands and light a cigarette lighter with my toes (OOPS, I forgot, I am not filling out the "weird" questionairre!)

And Last, but not Least..........I am a night owl.....................I seldom go to bed before 1:00 a.m. and require very little sleep ( I guess that I am a little on the hyper side!!!!

I will Tag:

Leigh O'Brien



BTW! This card was made with the both way blossoms stamp.floral and linen bg's and lots and lots of White Gel Pen!!! Whew! I go through at least one of these pens per month!!!!!

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