Sunday, February 3, 2019

Venturing into Videos!!!
Videos seem to be all the rage today. With the exception of a couple of facebook live and quick videos on phone apps, I been a little nervous to do videos.
So, I took the plunge yesterday and made my first video.

Recording the process was the easy part. I had to clean off my space, but once that was done, I organized myself to have everything available to me.

I was sure that was going to be the most complicated thing, but NOPE...!!

Just a tip for you. If you plan to make a video for the first time, it's probably a good idea to make it with a project that you want to post well in advance of having to post it.
Do you think I could figure out how to edit the 25 minute video down to a reasonable chunk of time?
I spend quite a bit of time watching videos to see how to edit videos.

But even before THAT, I made a little boo on the card when I decided to go in and add a little more blue to the background. Rather than pause the video, I shut it off. Did I mention that I thought it would be a good idea to use my old iphone to make the video? 
Not so much, it didn't have enough memory and only captured the first five minutes. Anyway I"m jumping all over the place here. So I made a boo boo with this card and so I'll have to tell you how I fixed it later in the post!!!
So here goes!

I will say it really is quite a process and I think it's really not all that difficult; however give yourself some time to figure it all out!!!!

This video is FAR from perfect, but so am I.
I'm posting it not because it's wonderful, but it is complete and just shows my determination to get it done!!!! I know each video will show improvement and thus I will be able to track my progress!!!

So after I finished the video and had a little boo boo on the edge of the circle, I decided to come in with the Simple Mosaic Stencil

Here's the supplies I used

Technique Junkies Stamps

A Colorful Life Designs Stencils

you can use this code to save 10% off on your orders


Impression Obsession Stamps


Tim Holtz Distress ink - Vintage Photo


This was definitely a learning experience!!!!!

Be gentle with your feedback please

XX's and Oh's

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