Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LIfe is what you make it

Isn't that the truth? Life isn't always easy. We can be faced with challenges of various magnitudes on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Sometimes Life can get overwhelming to the point that we want to jump under the covers and hope that all our troubles disappear, but at least there is some solace in knowing that although we can't always control the situations, challenges and people that can add to our stress, we can control our perception of these external cues.

Looking for a cloud in a silver lining, believing that the cup is half full rather than half empty,perceiving that a closed door means that there is another one open for us somewhere can allow us to more effectively manage stressful situations and cope with the cards that we are dealt.

Find strength in knowing that you own the way you feel, that you are in charge of you! Just taking that small step will allow you to face life's challenges in a more objective manner. Focusing on a solution, rather than how horrible things are can shift your perception just enough that you may be more readily able to generate alternatives that you hadn't thought of before. I know that there are things that are way beyond our personal control, injustices in the world that would make anyone feel defeated; however maintaining the belief that although you may not always have control of the outcome, you will manage as best as you can with what you have, can make all the difference. Optimism brings hope. Hope is that glimmer of light that shines at the end of the tunnel and determination is the vessel that can guide us to that brighter place. I think Martin Kornfeld has the right idea:

Brads-Close to My Heart

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  1. That was very inspirational. I hope that things are okay and this was not inspired by a rough patch. Miss you much,


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