Sunday, February 19, 2012

Biebs for Mia

This is a post unlike any i've ever shared on my blog, but this is really important to me. Mia, is a sweet little girl who is the daughter of a friend of mine. Some friends of Mia's Mom Heather have started a Facebook group for Mia, in hopes that they can attract the attention of Justin Bieber, who Mia adores. Here is a little paragraph about her:

Mia is 5yrs old, she has MD but has been very ill now for 2 weeks. She has been on a ventilator 2x's in a 2 day period. Her heart has almost stopped 3 times in the last week. She has now been moved to pallitive care and is terminal so we need to make her wish come true. It's more important now than anything as we don't know how long we have with her :( PLEASE GET EVERYONE TO JOIN!! Her number one dream is to meet Justin Bieber. Universal Music said in order to grab his attention we need at least 3,000 members to join, so pass the group along to everyone you know! Let's show our love & support for Mia ♥

My heart goes out to Mia and her family as it has obviously been a really really rough week. If you could join the facebook group, I would REALLY appreciate it. And if you can share with your FB friends, the list will build quickly.
If you believe in the power of prayer, please add Mia and her family into yours.

It's Called Biebs For Mia.

With Love,


  1. awe, bless her..xx

    Will head over there now Vicki.

  2. it hurts even if i don t personally know her. Hope she;s getttin better . WARM HUGS


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