Monday, September 13, 2010

Commando Kittybites!

Introducing........................... Commando Kittybites

I couldn't resist sharing the latest addition to our somewhat blended Family. Isn't he just the sweetest?? I've been without a pet for awhile because Jonathon, as a young child, like me had terrible animal allergies. Like me, he seems to be growing out of the, but still it's a risk to adopt an animal only to have to return it. My guy has been talking about getting a cat at his place, so when I saw a notice board at work looking for homes for a few kittens, I mentioned it to him and we had to go and have a look at the little fellas!

Can you say LOVE at first sight? Oh my word, this little guy is so darned cute!!! It didn't take us long to decide that he just had to come home with us. It was a wee bit of an adventure getting him home. He really didn't care too much for the cardboard box that we had placed him in, but once I swaddled him in Pauls shirt it wasn't too long before he was cradled in my arms like a baby, purring and sleeping away! I probably took a gazillion pictures of him this weekend, but these are my three favourite.

At this point in the Photo Shoot, he's saying ENOUGH already!!! NO MORE PICTURES unless you talk to my agent!!!

What do you think of this sweet face??? Nope, we just could NOT resist. Paul and the boys are lucky to have him with them all the time and I have just one more thing to look forward to when we spend time together....................and Commando Kittybites? Well there's a story behind that, but I'll save it for another time................

See you tomorrow with some Stamping Stuff!



  1. What a handsome little fella! Looks like such a sweetie. Enjoy your new pet. (He looks like a minature version of my "Tiger" who is nearly three years old).

  2. He's gorgeous, no wonder it was love at first site. Amazing how cats can steal your heart with one look. I know i fell in love as soon as i set eyes on my 3!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, commando kitty is awesome, such beautiful coloring. You aren't touching him up with your Copic's are you. I love his belly. I'm happy you cat found a good home!

  4. he is absolutely LOVELY, Vicki! the markings are gorgeous, and it's obvious he already has a great personality! looking forward to seeing more of your new baby, and congrats on the addition! :D

  5. Well for Kitty's Sakes ... does he have a name?! Is it "Commando"? We need to know! and he certainly needs some cyber-Texas snuggles ... such a darlin' lucky guy!!!



  6. I don't believe it!!!!!! He is pretty though! Cat's are awesome. They have such a great personality. I like dogs too, but cat's they are cuddlier!
    So is his name Commando or Kittiebites??
    Luv ya

  7. Oh Vicki, He is just adorable! I love your photo shoot. I think he is a real you know that that M on his forhead means that he is a Maine Coon. They are suppose to be very intelligent and very loyal to their families...They are also very good with kids. Anyway he is just lovely and I am soo happy for your new addition. We just were given a black cat that turned out to be a Bombay and let me tell you I can not imagine our lives before her. They just make it so much fun. Hugs, Lisa G

  8. Awww Kitty! Sooo cute! Congrats on the addition!

  9. Too cute! I just spotted the photo as I hit the Post Comment link on the blog hop post and I had to come and have a look. Fab name too, and I hope the allergies don't become a problem :D


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