Friday, February 6, 2009

And how did your week go?


I have to say that our week didn't go all that well! As you can see our family had a bit of a mishap on Tuesday evening. I had decided to go to bed early that evening, so at 11 p.m. (yes, that IS early for me) I headed outside to have a ciggie before I went to bed. Now smoking is a horrible habit, i'll be the first to agree, but in this case, my bad habit probably saved my Father's Workshop from burning to the ground. It was a very cold night and usually I don't come out of the stairwell to smoke, but for some reason I did.

Anyway, I noticed some smoke and some red flashing reflecting off the snowbank behind my Father's building. Initially I thought he was coming into the yard (unusually late for him, it's only the ladies in the family that are the night owls). I was thinking it was the brake lights of the truck reflecting in the dark. WRONG!!!! The flashing was too big for Brake lights. I rang the back doorbell to my Parents entrance several times and ran across the large yard to see what was happening.

I thought perhaps the scrap wood bins had caught fire. Wrong again. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came around the corner to find the entire front of the Truck ensconced in flames. Flames were shooting off the Truck, of which the front end was pretty much gone and dancing onto the eaves of the building.

Our wonderful Firefighters responded quickly, but the Fire spread fast and furious setting the rafters and attic on fire. Fortunately the men with their huge team of Volunteers contained the fire quickly, preventing the loss of the entire building. They worked swiftly and proffessionally in the freezing cold to save what my father had worked so hard to build over the years.

I understand that it's only "stuff". We are well insured, it can be replaced and it could have been much worse. The truck could have been parked in front of the Garage of our home, it could have been our home, someone could have been hurt, someone could have died. For that I am relieved and graciously give thanks to our creator.

On the other hand, in losing stuff, sometimes you lose some of the attachment that goes along with it. It broke my heart to look into my Father's eyes to see the pain of someone who had designed and built the workshop with his own hands. Someone who had built a business over 25 years after retiring from the Government with 27 years of service. Someone, who at 73 years of age continued to work each day, his work keeping him young, healthy and maintaining a zest for life. His Stuff will be replaced. Ever Industrious, he was forging forward on Wednesday, making arrangements for all the things that will have to be in place to rebuild, using his humour to cope.

He is a determined man, but for a moment early last wednesday morning, he looked broken and it was killing me to know that there wasn't a damn thing I could do to fix him. For all the things that he took pride in and all that he had worked for had taken a bad beating. To him, the "stuff" was much more than "stuff". Each bit of "stuff" bears residue of his blood, sweat and tears. Each bit of "stuff" acquired slowly and steadily through his hard work and dedication. I thought for a moment early that morning, that he would take this as a sign to retire as I am sure that the fire had also scorched his spirit beyond repair.

This morning it seems that he will forge forward , his resilience and strength shines through. The truck will be replaced, the building repaired and I hope and pray that his spirit was only singed and will heal in due time.

Have a lovely weekend. Hope to have some Pretties for you to look at tomorrow

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  1. WOW Vicki, so sorry to hear this and so sorry about your loved ones heartbreak. Sending you and your family big hugs!

  2. So sorry Vicki, your Dad will be strong, just like his Daughter, so glad you are there with him, I'm sure that helps him alot.

  3. Oh Vicki - how very tragic for your Dad, but I love your attitude of gratitude. Hopefully it will rub off on your Pop...looks like he could use some good cheer!


  4. OMG, Vicki - I am SO sorry to hear about this!! I am SO SO SO glad to hear no one was hurt! And I agree with Cindy - sounds like your Dad is just as strong and determined as his wonderful daughter. ;) What an incredible family you have to get thru this together - sending (((BIG BIG HUGS))!!!!

  5. Vicki, I am so sorry to hear and see what happened. I am praying that your Dad will heal quickly from this and it sounds like he is a strong person. My Dad is the same when it comes to working hard and building things. With your strength and help from family I believe he will be fine. Hope you have a great weekend otherwise.
    Hugs,Jodi =)

  6. OMG, Vicki, big hugs for you and your family...SO SORRY!!! I hope you have a great weekend... Thinking of you! Hugs from Silke...

  7. Wow, what a blow. I am so sad for your Dad! Losing something you've built yourself is just not the same as losing something. I feel for your family, but I am very grateful to hear that your Dad is already bouncing back. If his spirits are up and he is hopeful, the rest can only fall into place.

    Sending all my best heartfelt wishes to you guys!!!


  8. Oh, Vicki, I was so sorry to read about this... what a stressful and terrible thing. Even looking on the bright side, how much worse it could have been, it's still stressful. I'll say a prayer for your dad and you and your family. You're right, though... things can be replaced, and blessings can come from the most unlikely events. Take care. {{{Hugs}}} Lisa

  9. WOW Vicki! So sorry to hear about this! I am so glad everyone is safe. Your Dad will mourn the loss of his stuff but move onto bigger and brighter things I hope. Hugs to you all!

  10. wow, so sorry for your loss...thank God no one was hurt..praying for your family..things will get better now..

  11. OMG! Vicki what a horrible thing to happen! It's true that stuff is just stuff and yes, it could have been worse, but it's still terrible and heartbreaking. This just stinks. But, I am glad to read that Dad is moving forward. How fortunate that you all have each other. (((hugs)))

  12. Oh Vicki, I am so sorry to hear about this! Wow, I can't even imagine what would have happened if you hadn't of seen that fire! You are right, it is lucky that no one was hurt of the whole building not destroyed. I am so sorry for your father though. Even though, like you said it is just stuff, there is a huge amount of meaning behind it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!


  13. Oh Vicki,

    My heart aches for you!!! I can not imagine what your Dad must have been feeling along with you and your son too!!!

    I am so so so sorry to hear of your loss!!!

    Thank God that no one was hurt, but that does not mean it did not hurt your heart!!!!

    If there is anything those of us in blog land can do for you please let us know!!!!



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