Friday, February 6, 2015

Feeling Irie in Jamaica!

I just spent a wonderful week in Jamaica with my Mom and Good Friends Diana and Mary!

Thought I'd post a few pics to highlight our Vakay!

Although I wasn't feeling the greatest, I made the best of it and enjoyed the sunshine and the good company~

Being on the Water makes me very Happy! You'd never know that we were but minutes away from a torrential downpour. I was a little concerned that we'd end up as castaways, but our captain Ricardo brought us safely back to shore!

We had a fabulous tour of the Appleton Rum Factory!

Wastin' away at MargaritaVille Negril Beach!

Swimming in the natural pools at Y&S breathtaking!

The water was remarkable refreshing!

A gorgeous sunset enjoyed at Three Dives on the cliffs past Negril Beach. 
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of Jerk Chicken, Callilou, Bammi, Festival and Rice and Peas! Yummy~

Bird Talk! I finally discovered where the early morning song was coming from!

The Breathtaking Cliffs by Negril 

The Girls with our Beautiful Tour Guide Lenore! She was sweet and Sassy and gave us a great feel for Jamaica!

We had a visit with our friends Stephanie and Pat! Enjoyed their little piece of Heaven! I offered to come and work for them! Their place is peaceful, serene and beautiful! Steph was happy to see Mom as she gave her a haircut! They toured us around the island and showed us some remarkeable views from the hills and then treated us to the most succulent Jerk Pork at Scotchies!

This is one of the beauties we encountered on our tour of the mangroves on the Black River!

A view from the pool!

But I much preferred our intimate but beautiful Beach!

A Beautiful Jamaican Sunset

Sadly, all good things must come to an end!!!

  Farewell Jamaica~


  1. OOO it looks like you had a great time. The sun looks good on you!

  2. Sounds like an awesome vacation.. Awesome photos..

  3. Makes me feel warm just looking at your photos! Thanks for sharing them.


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