Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It's a new Day, a new Year 

Rather than making resolutions, which are often quickly forgotten I choose to allow my focus to draw me to a word. Last Year, I searched and searched for the perfect word. The word carried me through the year in that it gave me a sense of comfort

Over the last few days, I pondered over what word would guide me this year and I was having difficulty really, as there are many wonderful words that can act as a guiding principle. None of them felt just right.

In a moment of tranquility, in the soft silence my word came to me............


Clarity is the quality of being clear, in particular the quality of coherence and intelligibility.

Clarity is the quality of being certain or definite.

Clarity is the quality of transparency or purity

This Year, I choose not to search for the answers, but rather pay attention to my Universe

To focus on my spirituality as opposed to my worldly needs.

To nourish my soul in an effort to gain peace of mind, focus and to have a better energy to effect others around me. With Clarity comes a better understanding of purpose: self purpose, purpose of relationships, the purpose of personal goals. 

Letting go of the negative thoughts and feelings that interfere with one's ability to move forward on the path that lies ahead

This year, I will quit searching for answers that perhaps don't even exist

This year, I will allow myself to live with less thought. Not be be less thoughtful, but rather slowing down to just enjoy my moments and interactions rather than missing the emotions as I over process and often attempt to intellectualize my environment, my relationships, my being

2014 is  my Year to be certain


What word will guide you this year?

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