Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shakin' it up with Impression Obsession!!

Today, we're Shakin' it up over at Impression Obsession and showcasing these fabulous  Shaker Pouches.  They make designing Shaker cards super easy and especially because there are also dies to match! The dies come in Circles and Squares

For the main image of my card , I used this sweet summer stamp called  Max. Super cute eh?

I coloured up Max with my Touch Markers

Here's the markers I used

Skin: R131, R139, RP7
Shorts: F144, GY47
Fins and Goggles: B63, B67
Hair: Br93, BR97
Starfish: R135,R28

I also used a couple of different stamps to create my background

Cover a Card Seashell and around the Die Cut Circle, Grunge Star

I set the sentiment on a Tag Die Cut from the Flags Die Cut Set and finished the card off with a pair of Sunglasses.  I filled my shaker with Flower Soft Ultrafine Sand and Tied the Twine into a jiggity jag kinda knot!!!

I had a lot of fun making this card....makes me reminisce to my early stamping days. BOY was I GREEN.....i'd prefer to say I was green, so you won't ask me if I fell off the Turnip Truck or perhaps if I was a few bricks short of a load... several fries short of a happy meal? Here's the Story

I had just joined Stampin' Up! and was excited to be part of a Demonstrators Community. A lady on the newsgroup was hosting a technique swap. There were ALL sorts of techniques that we could choose from, most of which I had no idea what they were about. It was a BIG hop.. I'm thinking 25 to 30 cards, maybe more. Hmmmm this is starting to sound like the BIG FISH THAT GOT AWAY....nope, I fished myself in, hook, line and sinker!!! Anyway I had one of my favourite snowmen stamp sets and decided it would be pretty cool to make Shaker Cards.....HELLO???? 25 SHAKER CARDS..... OR 30....ohhhh it might as well have been 130!!! This of course was in the day before we had die cuts and such. I had one of those Coluzzle Things that you could cut frames

So I decided to create a frame with a snowman on the lower left hand side. Not only did I have to use the Coluzzle to cut out the middle of each panel, I couldn't go around quickly, because I had to cut around the snowman....yep, fussy cutting. What in the world did I get myself into??

Well let me tell you this part. I got myself into forming a relationship that is dear to my heart. The Swap Hostess happened to be my BFF Jacqui, whom i'd never met at that point. She lives over four hours away,  so you might be wondering how this happened.

After spending painstaking hours embossing, colouring, cutting, foam taping, inserting beads, having the little buggers stick to the side of the foam, I conquered. I was SO proud of these cards and off to the Post Office I dashed, thinking I was the Cats Ass!!!  Well the due date for the swaps passed and I got an email from Jacqui....

"Your cards did not arrive, did you send them?" 





I sent them Jacqui! (Thinking to myself that I sure hope after ALL that, she doesn't think i'm a flaker).

I was crappin' a brick for sure for about another several days before they actually arrived.

Anyway, couple of lessons learned:

 Know what you're doing before you DIVE in

Don't ever volunteer to make Shaker Cards in Bulk

Get a Tracking number for your swap cards!

Soooo I took a look on Splitcoast to see if I posted the original card but no go

I do know that Jacqui has saved it all these years and I think if I hadn't have called her to profess that I wasn't a flaker, we wouldn't have the amazing friendship we have today.

Love you much Jax!

Okay, back to business

For some reason I have a difficult time copying links to this blog with my MAC

SO please forgive me

I am going to post the link for the Impression Obsession Blog and if you would kindly take a jaunt over there, Shirley has most graciously posted all the links for you

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Happy Stamping!


  1. I do still have that card!!! I will keep it always!! I am very glad that you didn't know what you were getting yourself into!!! It was meant to be!!!! My friendship with you is something that I cherish and hold close to my heart. I just wish we lived closer.....but across the miles, as soon as we chat or get together, we just pick right up where we left off like there was not a distance at all. I love ya!

  2. Funny story! Thanks for the giggle! Your card is fantastic!!

  3. Cool card! Love the use of flower soft and the touches of glitter. Personally I regret doing shaker cards after the first 5 minutes, so well done on your batch!

  4. Ok! I absolutely love your story. I can so relate. The one year that I attended SU convention I participated in the SCS group swap and we had about 100 people taking part. I decided to make watercolor scene card. OMG! I don't know what I was thinking. LOL!!!!!

  5. A very cute card! Cute stamp, and love the colors and the kraft cardstock and twine to match the sand! Enjoyed your shaker card story, too--how lovely that you and Jacqui became friends!

  6. Great card! He really looks like he is underwater!! How did you do that?! Awesome, and I also love the star stamping and that shell background stamp. Actually just love everything about it! :) And your story was so funny! Thanks for the advice and I am glad you can laugh about it now!

    Katie B.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. It was interesting read for sure--LOL. I love your card. So masculine. Awesome colouring.

  8. Love the use of craft stock and the image along with the theme and sand in the shaker! Love, Love LOVE IT!!


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