Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wellness Wednesday-Fessin' Up!

Good Morning!

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what do you think? I think that there's some merit to that for sure. When I posted last week, I was feeling very motivated to follow through on my goal of eating healthy and moving. I was SURE that i'd be back this week posting some great results. My motivation was high and I was confident that it wouldn't falter.

I maintained a very good focus through the week and even to a certain degree on the weekend. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes. The weekend before I had made my first Fetucinne Alfredo to go along with a lovely Chicken Parmesan. I made the sauce with fresh tomatoes from Pauls garden and it was absolutely scrumptious!!! Of course as you know, the calorie and fat content in this dish is a dieters suicide, but I enjoyed it anyway. I think it's really important at times to enjoy a little of what you like. From past successes, I know that I can afford to have one really rich meal a week and still maintain my weight loss goals, but when my motivation isn't at its peak, I have a tendency to extend that one meal into days and weeks of eating with reckless abandon. It's not really about the quantity for me, but the food choices that I make. I fight the urge to eat chocolate on a daily basis and I do like my nuts (hehe....thank goodness i'm a woman, or that could surely be misinterpreted!) but nuts are meant to be enjoyed in tiny amounts to reap the health benefits.

So here's the down and dirty on the week. I moved! In fact I took several nice long walks with Sydney earlier in the week and on Saturday. My food choices for the most part weren't bad, up until Saturday night. I started off planning a nice grilled steak dinner with baked potatoes (which I never really eat), fresh Cauliflour from the garden. It was the pumpkin pie that killed me! I did plan on just having a sliver and I rarely eat the pastry (NO , not to cut calories.....I could be all righteous and say that I do, but that would just be a huge fib, cause I will eat pastry when my mom is making pie and fills the leftover with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon) but I did eat a substantial amount of the filling with cool whip (light of course!) Any how, I never really got my momentum back after Saturday and picked at the pie on Sunday and Monday......Succumbed to my craving for chocolate chip cookies on Monday and ate a few of those through tuesday as, as a result.....

I feel tired. I can definitely feel a difference in my energy levels when I am not eating healthy and in particular when I eat sugary foods

I am up two pounds on the scale this morning. This is sad, because I was DOWN two pounds on Friday. I truly wanted to avoid the scale as I was afraid to step on. I'm not going to get on until next week when I write this's too hard for me

I feel bloated and I don't feel like my clothes are fitting better this week......go figure

I feel slightly embarrassed that I'm writing about my lack of success, rather than my achievement

I feel like I can pick myself up this morning, dust off and start over. I am a person that has a certain sense of pride and I KNOW that I am too proud to come here every wednesday and write about all the unhealthy habits i've been engaging in the week prior. I thought of "conveniently" skipping the post this week, but last week I spoke about accountability. Accountability goes hand in hand with honesty.

Honesty is such a lonely word....NO WAIT....isn't that a Billy Joel tune......hehe. Honesty is hard sometimes. We all  Most of us have engaged in dishonesty ranging from that little white lie to a big ole whopper (not tonight honey, I have a headache!!! hehe, no REALLY, that outfit looks GREAT on you, Oh I don't remember doing that last night......hmmmm it must have been the tequila). Anyway, you get the picture. When it comes down to it, people can lie all they want, but in the long run, they're only lying to themselves, they're only hurting themselves; they're only self sabotaging and setting the stage for more deception. (Geez......okay now! I have to tell you that I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken yesterday..........yeah, YUCK.........fatty, salty but tasty while it was going in. It's no wonder that I'm not up 6 pounds with all the salt I ingested) Okay, where was I. Yes, accountability and honesty. So here I am being honest because I said last week I was going to be accountable to you all. Really I need to be accountable to me and if I am honest and accountable with myself, then the rest falls in place, I am automatically honest and accountable with others.

What do you all do when you get sidetracked from your goals and get discouraged?

I am starting my morning off with more than a good intention. I am affirming that I'm going to follow through on my goals for this week and make my goals more specific (that's a good thought for another day's post)

This week I will only eat fruit to satisfy my craving for sweets. I will walk for a minimum of 40 minutes each day and complete three 30 minute sessions on the elliptical (boy, I'll sure be tired if I leave THAT one until tuesday night or wednesday morning). I will follow through because I'm sure as not coming back here next week to tell you that I didn't. Pride can go along way with regard to positive change. One of the times that I successfully quit smoking was about 5 years ago, when I had to have major surgery. Most people would think that I quit for health reasons and all the GOOD reasons why people shouldn't be smoking; particularly those who are having major surgery


I quit because I had to remain in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and I surely wasn't going to be one of those patients that you see outside of the hospital, arse hanging out of ugly blue gown, hooked up to a hundred wires


smoking a cigarette

So yes, my pride can work to my advantage

and I WILL take that!!!

See you next week!

Note: found this great website through pinterest. Andie is a young journalist who has maintained a 135 lb weight loss for over 5 years. She has some wonderful thoughts and recipes for lower calorie foods. She also has some richer recipes as well. She's a good writer and i'm enjoying her website 

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  1. I have no doubt you will reach your goals. I wish I could set goals - well I guess I could set them..but I never reach them. They say put your goal on the refrigerator...that don't work for me either... I don't know know what would force me to reach my goal. But I'm here to support you to reach yours. How is the no smoking going this time?? Good?
    Miss you much - but see you soon!
    Luv ya


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