Friday, September 14, 2012

Hurray for Fridays!

Happy Friday!!!

So, do you have any big plans for the weekend? I don't, but I relish the fact that the weekend is mine to do with what I wish. Well, not really. There is always cleaning to catch up on and now that i'm working on my degree, lectures and reading. 

I am hoping to get some fishing in this weekend though and a nice walk in the woods or two.

 Jon is taking a firearms and hunter safety this weekend, so i'll be taxiing him back and forth. Hmmm maybe the next "gamesy" picture will be of a duck or a deer or something. He is my outdoor guy! Just to think that he used to enjoy stamping with He was pretty good at it actually

Here's a card that he created when he was Ten years old. Not bad eh? It took me a bit to find it in my Splitcoast Gallery. Look at me getting all reminiscent. I'm not sure if it's hormonal ( the dreaded "M" word...hehe) but I have been awfully sentimental lately. For instance as I was driving Jonathon to school the other day (this is a rarity now since he has his G1 licence, but GI drivers aren't allowed to drive on the Highway) he was talking about the future. He wants to take a Heavy Equipment Operators course after high school. He said he was considering going out to work in the Oil fields in Alberta for several years, saving his money and retiring early (he gets his financial savvy from his Dad, NOT from me that's for sure). Anyway, as he's telling me this, I can feel my eyes welling up and the tears rolling. JEEPERS! this isn't going to happend for at LEAST TWO YEARS.....what is WRONG with me. I really have no problem with the laugh lines, the droopy boobs and I can deal with the occasional hot flash, but Tears.......C'MON!!!

Uhm, I've also noticed that I have a tendency to get off on a tangent that is totally off the track that I was on. I think it was just about how I was going to spend my weekend, wasn't it?

Did I mention Spider Veins? Yeah EWWWWWW!!! Just little ones, but they're sprouting

Okay! Enough already. I think I'll just show you another peek using some of the September sets from the {Stamps} of life.

The set I used for this pretty Christmas card is called Leaves4fall.
The snowflakes and sentiment are from  Joy2christmas

I absolutely LOVED how this tag turned out. I combined Numbers2stamp with Trees4Christmas to create this fun and funky tag! I love the richness of the Colorbox inks by Stephanie. I used Strawberry, Artichoke and Chocolate.....ahhhh Chocolate. Did I mention that the "M" word and the "C" word go hand in hand....yes, I constantly crave chocolate, but I'm fighting that feeling and being pretty successful, i'll fill you in on wednesday. If not, I may get off on another tangent and who knows where it will take me.

Have an amazing weekend! Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and if you find the time, get inky!


  1. Vicki your creations are so pretty!! LOVE that tag and your wonderful winter tree creation!! SO STUNNING! :) Happy Friday! WOOT!

  2. I love your tag and how it looks like a collage but that Christmas card is awesome!!

  3. I really like that blue one. That tree is very cool. Isn't crazy that our kids are old enough to be making plans for the future? It used to be they were making plans to watch tv or hang out with friends. Now they are making plans to (what it seems like) get as far away from us as possible. I guess we should be proud we did a great job of raising them and they are prepared to venture out into the world...but it still tugs on the old heart strings that's for sure.
    Miss you much

    See you soon though!
    Luv ya


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