Thursday, May 3, 2012

Impression Obsession May Release!

This is Jeff.......apparently he lost his marbles, but it seems that he found them again! I can relate to Jeff 'cause when it comes to remembering things, well sometimes I don't do so well. It's really not the important things that I forget...just things like where I put my car keys, what I ventured into the kitchen for, what was it that I was going to look up on the internet......a sign of getting older, or perhaps too much aspartame!!!!  Geeeez, I almost forgot why I'm here writing this blog post (just kidding). Jeff is a little cutie patootie stamp that's being released today at Impression Obsession!!!! I love this little guy with his wavy hair and sack of marbles. I remember the days when marbles were a very cool toy. Long before video games and ipads, interactive reading toys and when Fisher Price made those cool telephones on wheels with the bobbly eyes that would blink as you pulled it along the floor. The slinky, yoyo's and Silly Putty!!! That was when I had to walk over a mile to school, uphill both ways. Four trips a day. Home for lunch ONLY because the Flintstones were on and when the show was over, it was time to make the long trek back to school for the afternoon. I'd get home just in time for Dark Shadows. We lived in an old Victorian House and on the days that my mom was working, i'd get a little creeped out waiting for her to come home and wondering if any  ghosts would come sauntering down the oak staircase. It was only on the days that she was home that I'd try to sneak in a few slides down the bannister!

I coloured Jack with my Touch Markers and have included the colour combinations here for you. I used some pearl pen to create the marbles and to add an interesting border to the designer paper, which is from Echo Park. Be sure that you head over to the Impression Obsession blog to get all the details with regard to the release and to see who's created some fun samples for you!

Happy Stamping!


  1. Love this little guy!! Yes! Those were the days :) Sometimes I like that you can pack so much into one little gadget, but it doesn't take the place of good old games! Love the fun colorful happy feel this has -- great idea with the pearl pens, too!

  2. I am feeling the nostalgia too...gorgeous card.

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  4. Nice card. Love the design and colors.

    Margie F.

  5. are so funny! Love your card, Vicki! Coloring is just so sweet, and what a great layout! Thanks for a fun post :)

  6. So bright and cute! Great job!

  7. He's adorable! I like your choice of patterned papers, too.


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