Saturday, March 24, 2012

Playing catch up with Twenty Twelve

So, it's been quite awhile since I posted my Project Twenty-twelve project. That being said, I've been pretty diligent about taking my photo's each day and posting them on the group. I'm really enjoying this project. It forces me to look a little closer at my surrounding and find interesting things to photograph. For instance, this photo of my Great Great Grandmother's spinning wheel. I love the craftmanship in this piece and we're lucky to have a treasured heirloom such as this. The photo's aren't in order, but this is what i've been up to for the last month......

I took this photo in the washroom at my hairstylist. I liked the fresh and simple look of the plant and fragrance sticks on the shelf.

Playing with my Photoshop to make Mr. Kittybites eyes a touch greener!

Who says big boys don't like character pancakes. Jon shoddied the Bearcake pretty quickly!

Mr. Kittybites longing for Spring!

This is one of four cakes I baked for a fundraiser for my friend Heather's daughter Mia. The sale raised over 5000.00 for Mia and her family!

A sleepy Snow Baby

Loved the look of the sky that day~

More art Journalling Supplies

The Beautiful Sunset out on the lake

Spring Thaw has begun

A view from the other side

Art Journalling Page Two-Love those Pan Pastels!

My Dad's Tool Belt

 A view from our Living Room Window-Pretty Wintery Still~

More fun with Photoshop

Some Goodies on the Bar

This is one of my favourite shots this month. It was early in the morning and the sun was adding so much vibrancy to that red leaf. Can you see Spring, Winter and Autumn depicted in this photo? Paul said Summer too if you count the sun~

 A little angel that watches over us in the foyer.

I really like this picture of the sights along our walking route.

Looking for blue jays, I found a wood pecker!

A Pretty Sunset

Evening walk

Luck O' the Irish to you!

  1. Another of my faves for this month. I like the detail in the dried flowers

A little gift from my Father.....I LOVE antiques!

Little Syd travels with me on my daily quest for photos!

Finally, something blooms in the barren earth!

I know i'm missing a few pictures here and there, but this pretty much covers my project to date. You can see the album in its entirety on my Facebook Page

Have a great weekend

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