Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Twenty-Twelve Part 2

Being on vacation last week in sunny Mexico, I didn't take the time to do my weekly post, as I said I would. Playing Catch up, I'm going to bring you up to date with what I've been doing with my Twenty-twelve project. This first photo is of sweet Sydney roaming through the busy on the 9th of January......yep, big boo boo on my part, for some reason, I added a "4" on the date as opposed to a "9". Lesson learned: Don't flatten an image in Photoshop, until you are sure you've got it right! I was going to redo it, but I figured it's all a part of my learning curve!

Flat Stanley is a Geography Project sent to me from a Third Grade Class in New Hampshire. My task was to have Stanley for a week, dress him in attire conducive to my area and show him around. I did better than that! Flat Stanley extended his stay a bit and traveled with me to Mexico!!! I have to get this project finished up and send him back to New Hampshire. I'm going to miss the little guy!

January 11th, my Mother and I were on the road to Toronto to catch an early plane to Mexico on the 12th. At a little loss for photo inspiration, I decided to capture a picture of my pretty toes (thanks Lan!) and my very bony feet!!! Wish the rest of me was just as bony!!!

Ahhhhhhhh Relaxation at it's best. This is the night view from the Balcony of our room in the Grand Sirenis Resort. Doesn't that image make you relaxed just looking at it?

The Beautiful Beach. On this day a calm Ocean in shades ranging from Turquoise to Azure and the most fine textured sand that I've ever had beneath my feet.

Almost every day, we had a new towel creature in our room. This was one of my Favourites!

I LOVE the bright and festive colours of Mexican Pottery. 

This day was one of our most interesting days. We took an all day excursion to Coba, where we spent the morning at a Mayan Village. We hiked a long way up into the jungle through rough terrain, where we zip lined over a lagoon. Our next task was to hike to a sacred site, where we participated in a Mayan purification ceremony. It was very spiritual and was a requirement before we were allowed to swim in the underground cenote. In order to get into the water, we repelled down about 450 feet into the cave. A first time for both my Mother and I. We were blessed to be with a group of young people, who encouraged my almost 72 year old Mother to repel, even though she can't swim. They all said that she was a source of inspiration for them and were quite helpful in giving her a hand to climb up and down the rocky terrain! Following the swim, we enjoyed a lunch at the village prepared by the Mayan Women. Empanadas, Rice, Spaghetti, Chicken, a wonderful squash soup along with fresh juice was a welcoming meal after all the mornings activities. Following lunch we were invited to take a short canoe ride. UH UH NO WAY...........that is where I drew the line. I love my mom, but she is a back seat driver........the source of stress and arguments when I'm behind the wheel. Her nervousness makes me nervous and edgy.......a car I can deal with, but there was NO WAY that I was going to get into a Canoe with her!!!! We'd been having a fabulous time the whole vacation with absolutely no arguments and I was wanting to keep it that way!!!! The afternoon was spent at the COBA Archaelogical Site. This is one of the Mayan Temples that you can still climb on in Mexico.....we had a very good history lesson on the Mayan ways as well as the Mayan Calendar. Apparently we WILL see the end of 2012!!! and then were free to roam on the site. I saw the most vibrant blue butterfly, but wasn't quick enough to capture it on film.

Another pretty view from the Gorgeous Beach!


We had a fresh floral arrangement delivered to our room on the first night we arrived. They stayed beautiful until the day we left. I took a picture each day as the lilies opened wider and wider. I added a Sepia effect to this picture for interest.

My Beautiful Mother, the best travelling companion ever and my HERO!

Lot's of these cute little critters basking in the warm sun~

My Mexico Hat and Hair

The Bicycle Stand-No arguments about getting the best bike!

If you want to see more pictures of my trip, visit my Facebook Album

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking them!


  1. Great photos Vicki, and my son and I completely enjoyed watching all the places Stanely visited. He really enjoyed the plane photos!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast. I'm so proud of your mom for doing all those zip lining and repelling - I'd be pooping my pants!!!
    Luv ya
    and miss ya


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