Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Twenty-Twelve and a little share!

 I'm excited to share this fun project that i'm embarking on this year! It's called Project Twenty-Twelve in Photos. The objective: To take a photo each day in the year. If you've been reading, you've heard me say that 2012 is going to be MY year......... I don't want to miss a minute of it. So this project is perfect for me in that sense. In addition, I'd really like to improve my photography and photo editing skills and I'll have a record to see how far I've come. Rather than overwhelming my blog with a daily post, I've decided to record the weeks photo's on Mondays. Hope that you find this interesting in learning a little more about me and my daily saunterings!

Day-2 Thought I'd capture some things about me!

I was out looking for a Chickadee, but they seemed to be hiding out. Instead I had to settle for some pretty Pinecones!

I reconnected with a High School friend just before the Holidays. Today we had a Tea Date at Starbucks
Had a little roam about Chapters and LOVED the colour combination of this display. Also had fun trying to  be nonchalant as I snapped  pictures with my new Droid phone. I was REALLY please with the quality of the photo's on this phone. The camera is 8mp and I think with some practice, I can get some amazing on the go shots!

This one is also taken with my SamsungS2. A little display to show my excitement of the countdown for my Vacation on the Mayan Riviera. One of my goals is to learn how to correct overexposure. I plan to shoot those sand dollars again before the end of the year and not have the details fade because of the blow out on the exposure. Think I might consider enrolling in a Photography course at our Community College!

One more for the Droid Phone. Do you see the little deer in the woods? A little blurry, but considering I had Sydney at the end of the Leash and was trying to get a quick shot before Bambi turned her pretty white tail toward us and leaped away, I'll accept it!

Another "droid" Picture. A reminder of the Angels in my life, both celestial and the wonderful family and friends who are lifting me up with their love and support.

Last, but NOT least........... I got that Chickadee!!! I would have preferred that his little head was held up high, but the little darlin's were flitting around the sumac bushes like wildfire! Blessed to have captured this shot, which was taken with my DSLR. It was a glorious day....looked and felt like early spring. 

This is a quick and easy card I made for my DT work for Scrappin' Great Deals
For all the deets, you can read the post on the SGD blog!

Love the Emboss & Stamp Folder.......look at the fun dimension that's created with it!

Happy Stamping!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These pictures are awesome!!! what fun

  2. Oh....I still can't see your blog correctly, but I found I can click on the little part of th pictures I can see and it blows them up and then I can see the whole picture. I miss out on your stories, but at least I can see!!

    I was able to leave a comment cuz the left part of the comment box was in my sight.....

    Please know that I do try to see your work and leave you comments but cyberspace puts glitches in my way



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