Monday, October 19, 2009


What a Blast! This is our 5th or 6th Jactopia......our once a year Girlz weekend hosted by my BFF Jacqui! I look forward to this event every October. I was a little worried this year as my Dad is scheduled for some knee surgery this month and there was a little concern that it would be this past weekend. Fortunately, he will have his surgery on the 27th of October, which is kind of a bummer because it's my parents 47th Anniversary, but in jest he indicated that he would save on a dinner out this year!

This is Jacqui's Mom Linda! Diana, we were missing you this year and I was kind of hoping that you'd surprise us again!

Kim Showing off the beginnings of a Fabby Layout~!

We took a little break to test our luck at the Woodstock Casino..........I think it took a hot 9 minutes for each of us to lose our $20.00 and then head back home for a super dinner of Jacqui's specialty, baked spaghetti!!!! Yummo!

ere's Tami (the Tamster) and our Sweet Monkey Mascot!

Donna is so creative........just don't try to take her tape!

Yes, can't say the eating was very health wise this weekend. I planned on being focused and buying fruit to snack on.......problem is that we found a Yummy Cadbury Crunchie Fondue Kit in Walmart and I was way too tempted! Have to tell you, it was quick, easy and delicious.......despite what the directions say, DO NOT put the packets directly into the Microwave........snap, crackle POP! hehe!!!! Apart from the Marshmallow, the Pineapple was the best!!!

So I decided as in most years, that a "Topia" weekend would not be a "Topia" without a challenge. Most of the time when we meet, someone conjures up an idea or challenge for us to complete. This year, I purchased these button type of containers from Sweet Sentiments, a cool store that I stopped at in Belleville on my way to Jactopia............

Look at what we all came up with!

The "Jactopia" Collection

Merry Christmas by Donna

Look at these sweet Stampotique Ghoulies! By Jacqui

Kim's creative paper curliecues

Linda's sweet Christmas Ornament

Tami's Sweet Sunflower.............Those M&M's wouldn't last long in my house!

This is my Snow Shaker Card. The image is from Mo's Digital Pencil..........I tried to use some glitter inside the plastic, but the static made a big mess, so I snagged some clear Micro Beads from Jax which was much more effective!!!

I am So blessed to have such good friends in my life. People will come and go from your life for different reasons, friendships will be tested, sometimes falter and over time, you discover who your real friends are. These ladies are precious to me and I wish that there wasn't such a geographical distance between us. We'll all meet at my place in April for Victopia, but I sure hope that there will be at least one road trip east or west before then.

Thanks for making my weekend wonderful girls!




  1. Hi Vicki ~~ How cute is the new "Jactopia" collection :) Especially LOVE the Sunflower with the M&M's ~ Yummm :)~~

    You are fortunate to have this crafting group of ladies ... it's obvious you have such a *BLAST* when you are together. Thanks for sharing your weekend of creations =)

  2. It's over already? Boy I wish I could have surprised you like last time...never say never.

    Thanks for posting pictures.

    Big hugs and love,

  3. looks like you had lots of fun and were super productive too :)

  4. I miss you like crazy already. I hope to make the trip your way before the snow flies too much. I'm so glad you were able to come. Give your dad big hugs and good lucks from me for his surgery on the 27th. Back to good eating oh little weekend of "letting your self go" takes like 3 weeks to work off!!!!!
    Thanks for posting the pictures!!!!
    Hope the cold is better.
    Luv ya

  5. I missed being at "Jactipia" this year and espically missed visiting with the girlz, as well a chance to catch up with my old girlyfriend on the road trip up to Woodstock. I am glad you all had fun, can't wait to catch up in April!! (ps - if I'm still wanted) LOL...
    - Laura

  6. OMG how fun! LOVE everyone's cards, too! Your snow shaker card is fantastic!

  7. Wow! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend Vicki! You are blessed to have such wonderful girlfriends to hand and play with!! Looks like Jactopia is an awesome time!! I love all of your projects in the "Jactopia" collection!! Fabulous!! xx

  8. Oh it looks like you had a blast together Vicki!! Times like that are indeed a treasure. All the creations were so creative and beautiful!! You snow globe using Mo's image is gorgeous!! I love your coloring and the idea that it is a shaker. You rock girl!

  9. Vicki, thanks for stopping by my blog, it really made me happy that you took time to leave a comment. I of course had to comment on your darliing Mo's Digital Pencil Kai snow card. Mo is one awesome illustrator, stamp designer. Just wanted to send you some love!

  10. Oh this is such a sweet image and your use of it is just over-the-top wonderful! I love love love this card!

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