Thursday, September 17, 2009

BIg Big news coming soon soon soon!

I've been keeping a secret ALL summer long and I've been Bustin' at the seams to tell you about it........... can I today??? NOPE, but very very very soon. What I will spill is that there is a Brand Spankin' new Stamp Company making it's debut in the next little while and you are going to be BLOWN away by their fabulous images!!!! Stay tuned, 'cause I'll fill you in before you know it!

Happy Stamping!



  1. Such a tease....can't wait to see these new stamps!

  2. OH've got me curious girl!!!!

  3. Ooooh, can't wait!! What a tease this is.

  4. I'm dying here!!!! No more hints?? Like are they a wide variety of images or a specific trend? I can't wait to see!
    I'm not a very patient person!!!!
    Luv ya


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