Sunday, June 7, 2009

Missing you

From time to time in life's busy rat race, I stop to think of people who have had some major impact in my life; those people who were pretty significant in one way or another, the people that although there was no conflict that deteriorated the relationship, drifted away for one reason or another.

I think of Childhood friends, you know the one's that you giggled all night with at a sleepover, or got into trouble for using your mom's makeup to create one character or another......your mom coming into the Bathroom to find that the little bit of lipstick that's not made it's way to your cheeks is now in two pieces~!
The girls and guys that you hung with in High School, that safety net of friends and acquaintances that made you feel that you weren't alone as a guppy in a big tank of Tiger Barbs!
Your best girls that you shared your innermost secrets and dreams and the object of your affections or obsessions!!!! lol....................
The friends that you made as a young adult, often time those associated with your new career......the one's that you enjoyed the crux of your independence with, being in charge of your own life and not having to meet curfews, but having to have some semblance of responsibility to pay your rent and do your own laundry, that seemed to have kept us somewhat on the straight and narrow......the one's that you partied with from Friday night to the wee hours on Sunday, when it was necessary to get a wee bit of shut eye in order to present as half human on Monday Morning?
The friends that you think will always be with intention to ever let those relationships go, yet at different stages in our lives, when our goals and priorities shift, so do our friendships.......there are a few people with whom the bond endures, despite distance and change.
There are some that although the contact is minimal, when you do have the rare opportunity to spend time it's like you haven't skipped a beat. It's as if that bond is the cement that holds together the friendship, despite the fact that there is very little involvement in each other's lives.
It must be this cool grey day that's leaving me feel a little melancholy.......I am wondering if some of the people I am speaking of, are thinking of me as well and hope that all is well in their world.
It would be almost impossible to retrieve and reestablish all of these relationships and for that matter, probably a little unrealistic; people change, plans change and although we may have shared the same page at one point in time, it's very likely that many of us are on different chapters, perhaps even a different novel. That's totally okay though, it doesn't take away from what we had, what we shared and the impact of how those relationships shaped us into who we are today and for that, I am truly appreciative. Even those people who have been the source of grief and sadness have allowed me to learn, grow and become a stronger person. Goodness can transpire as a result of all interactions, whether negative or positive.

I've been making a concerted effort to use my Cricut machine in order to ensure it doesn't seize up from dust accumulation~~ This Card template is from the Wild Card Cartridge.
The main image is Hello from Stampotique Originals The little cat is so Funky Looking!
Colours: Real Red, Basic Black and So Saffron..............Coloured with Copics.....the phone dial is Basic Gray. I mounted the cat on dimensionals!
Here's a few pictures from the front flower bed of our home. I asked my mother the name of these gorgeous flowers, her response: "I forget". Definitely not Forget me nots, but pretty in any case!

This little (well actually he was quite a chubby fellow) bee was enjoying the flowers as much as me!

Hope you have a Wonderful Sunday!
Sneak Peeks for Pink Cat Studio begin tomorrow.......wait until you see these sporty little guys! They're the bomb~~~~
Happy Stamping


  1. OMG!! This is just the cutest card Vicki!! Love the shape of the phone!! :) That bee look mighty close!! ACK!!

  2. I totally relate to what you're saying, Vicki. There is a season for everything, including friendships. We usually don't know how we've affected others, but we should know that we have, just as others have affected us. For me, there are a few I wish I could find again because there are some things I want to resolve, to apologize for.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts... and cute card... with us!


  3. Hey Vicki!! Wow, your card is awesome!! I love the image and the telephone shape! So cool!

    I had a best friend . . .we were friends from the age of five and for some strange reason, 7 years ago, we suddenly stopped talking to one another. We were friends for 30 years and I don't know how it all sort of went away, just like that. No argument, no discord. . .I think I may have said something that offended her . .I don't even know because she never said anything. One day she didn't call me back when I called, so I stopped calling her and just like that we haven't spoken for years. I think I'm going to call her today. Thank you for your post.


  4. Keep using that Wild card cart Vicki .. you just might make me get mine out that I had to have for Christmas and haven't used yet hehe ... love your card

  5. Such true words!

    I think your flowers are agapanthus. Love them anyway :)

  6. cute card Vicki.
    and the flowers are Alium. ;)

  7. This is too cute! And your flowers are gorgeous.

  8. Hey Vicki,

    Long time since I have had time to leave comments but I have still been checking you out!!! I have enjoyed her comments the last week or so since you got back to the circut!!

    This card is genious!!! I love it and I can not wait to see the sneaks tomorrow.


  9. Hi sweetie, So sorry to have been away for such a long time! I've missed your gorgeous poetic words though. I think we all have people in our life like you describe, no arguments, just out of touch. Your card is just perfect to send to a missing friend like that. Lofe the design, the image and the thought. Can't wait to see what you've got to show us today sweetie!!


  10. Hello Vicki, this is beautiful. I love the colors... Hey, this is a flower from MY garden...*g*... Happy week for you! Hugs Silke

  11. I love this post. I love the way you write
    You certainly have a gift with words as well as with paper!
    The phone is adorable
    I stamped off some of those images, but would have never come up with a card like that!
    Your flowers look great and they are alium!
    The grow from great big honkin bulbs!
    Miss ya

  12. Adorable and love your flowers too! The card is just too cute and pretty too!

  13. What a PERFECT commentary for me to read today, yes I'm behind on the ole email...this post comes hot on the heels of my son Graduation from High School...I think I shall print this off and let him read it, then tuck it away and mail it again in a few years...VERY TRUE WORDS spoken here Vicki!


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