Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are my brain cells flushing away with my fat?

Now this probably seems like a strange header for a post...............but since my card today is floating away, I instantly thought about the fact that I have been wondering if I'm losing brain cells along with weight!

My get healthy effort has been going REALLY REALLY well. Along with losing two pant sizes, I have far more energy and can feel my strength increasing everyday........still it leads me to wonder? Is it stupid to think that my fat cells, in disapproval of being evicted are snatching some of my brain cells in spite?

In the last two weeks I swear that I have done some of the most ditzy things one can do. Last week I posted the wrong challenge for OCC. Even when I loaded up my card into the thread at the last minute, instead of clueing into the fact that no one elses card was in there, instead I thought that everyone else must be running behind as well (big roll of the eyes!)

This week I redid the sketch, proud of myself for getting it right this time! I was loading it in a timely fashion and POOF, as I was doing that, I totally erased one of the other DT samples.......never did it before, hopefully won't do it again, but I did it. 

I frantically sent out emails trying to give the other sweet lady a heads up to reload her card, feeling like a complete dingbat, particularly after last weeks mishap.............

Perhaps you think I'm over reacting, but there's more!!! Way fact so many more bonehead moves that you'd be all day reading this, when you probably would just rather read about the card and move along! 

Last week a coworker and I decided to go for a drive along the lake. He misses his convertible, so I said that we'd pick a good day and take a drive in mine! It was a little chilly however with the top down, so we decided to stop at the park on the lake and eat our lunch! Getting ready to pack up and go, I dropped my work keys. Being a gentleman, Jason picked them up and handed them to me.  When I got back to work, I reached in my purse to get my keys to no avail.............dumped it out, searched my car..........nope, nothing!!!! PANIC set in..........SHEER has to be absolutely the MOST humiliating thing to have to report that you lost your keys. Having a wonderful Supervisor, I told her what happened and ventured the 15 minute drive back to the park to see if they were there!

Well I may be losing braincells, but my luck was intact and there they were, sitting on the rocks enjoying the view of the ducks floating along the shoreline!...........

So now I am concerned that along with Physical exercise, I'll need to start doing something for my brain. If I continue to lose brain cells along with fat, will I go out of my mind doing it? Really I would like to be lean and healthy, but not fit and dense................perhaps this is distorted thinking, kind of like when I was convinced that the light in my clothes closet was shrinking my pants!!!!!

Oh well embarrassment builds humilty and If I can't poke some fun at myself, then who can!

Hmmm about the Card! Retro Riley...............Riley Floaty, coloured with copics, pool is hand drawn and the paper...........hmmm it was scraps!!! So I can't recall..........but I used Only Orange and Night of Navy Cardstock.........

Stay tuned for more Sneak Peeks and the Hanna Release Tomorrow Night!

Happy Stamping!



  1. Hee hee who needs brain cells when they can be SKINNY!!! Ha ha just kidding, love your card!!!

  2. Well -- here is the best reason yet I ahve found not to diet! I can not afford to lose brain cells!!! LOL -- you had me laughing with your post -- too funny. Don't sweat the OCC goof(s)! We all have those moments that mkae us human!!! Just have a laugh and keep rolling! Love your card, the added white highlights on Rileys' tube are the perfect touch too. Great summer fun colors!

  3. Love the colours on your card Vicki and your fabulous colouring. Congratulations on your weight loss too.. I loved reading all about your week and so glad you found your keys, Have a great evening, Big Hugs, Nikki x

  4. LOL... loved your post~! I don't think losing weight is related to losing brain cells because I haven't lost a pound, but my memory is another story!!! I think it's to do with... dare I say it... aging. Yipes! Don't worry, we're all in the same boat. It does make one feel a bit panicky at times, though, doesn't it?

  5. OMG!! Riley is ready for some splashing!! How cute!! ;)

  6. hehehe love your post today Vicki ... I am sure it is only a passing phase with those brain cells as you call it hehe ... wonderful card today love the little pool you created and love the use of that die too ... gonna have to get mine out to play hehe

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! What are you doing to lose your weight? I'm trying to get a routine down and love hearing what others are doing!

  8. Congrats on doing so well with the weight loss!! Love your card Vicki! The colours are fabulous!

  9. Hey, come to AZ, and I'll help you find your brain cells!
    Love the card!
    Love you, and miss you lots!

  10. Oh gosh, make sure you stop dieting before you lose that beautiful creative mind of yours! Maybe I snagged you as a guest stamper just in time, right before the condition worsened... ;P

    What's that saying in the new mini, "Sometimes my mind doesn't only wander, it leaves completely"? Lol!

    Don't worry, we all have those days...


  11. Hey Vicki, we all have the loss of brain cells sometimes and I know you'll get it back soon!
    I love your card he is so cute!
    Jodi =)

  12. Oh Vivki, you are so funny. I am glad you found those keys! Isn't it the worst feeling , like you forgot your purse in a rest. or something..YIKES! I le this card! LOVE LOVE the pool wall you made.

  13. Great card Vicki!!
    I have to tell you that I LOVE this post. It had me roaring with laughter!! Thanks...I needed it.

  14. I love this card!! I absolutely know what you mean!! I have begun to lose weight myself and I seem to have gone completely dumb!!! Don't feel bad. This too shall pass!!

    Hugs, Cathy

  15. What a really cute cute card! I love your colors too! How are you losing weight? I bet you are just thrilled with the size thing. Don't worry about the brain thing. It's probably just that you are so busy too.

  16. LOL! I had a good laugh reading your post. I think it's possible that losing fat may mean losing brain cells. I had the same problem when I lost a few pounds. I think my brain went into shock. . .it just couldn't believe that I was actually exercising. LOL!!! Not to worry, after the initial shock. . .your brain will become accustomed to it and you will actually regain your sanity.

    Now. . .I wish I could lose some fat. I don't mind losing brain cells. I want to know your secret on getting motivated. My brain wants to exercise but my body refuses to do anything but sit around.

    Love your card. Riley is definitely having fun with that floatation device. If losing brain cells mean making beautiful cards like this card. . then I think you're forgiven. LOL!



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