Sunday, April 26, 2009


(Me and Laura)

I thought it would never come!!! One of my most favourite weekends of the year! VICTOPIA weekend! If you have followed my blog before, you'll know that twice a year, me and my best Chickas get together to play!!! It's just such a joy to spend time with them and I am truly blessed to have such good friends!

(l-r Donna Stollery, Kim Pargeter, Jacqui Lines, Tami Coyle, Me, Diana Gibbs, Kristi Ferro, Darlene Smith, Andreanne Dejacolyn)

(Me and Andreanne)

These are the best group of women that you would ever meet!!!!

Let me tell you, I was totally in for the biggest surprise of my life on Thursday night! Back in November, Diana and I were trying to figure out ways for her to come to Victopia and surprise Jacqui, my best friend forever and Di's sister. After much chat and chatter, it seems that it wasn't meant to be. I kept hoping and hoping that she would get here, so I kept it a "SECRET" from Jax up until about ten days before Victopia, in the hopes that something would give and she would make it!! No such luck, or so I thought!

The girls coming from the west always do a shopping tour along the way and they usually don't arrive until after 9 p.m. So this year, rather than waiting in anticipation, I decided to take Jon to his Football Practice. Shortly into the practice, my Mom called to say that they had arrived.

I got in shortly after 9 and of course there were a round of squeals and hugs!!!!

All of a sudden, I notice a little lady coming up the stairs from the bar!!! Holy CRAP!!!! It was Diana Diana and Jax would say, I almost peed my pants!!!!!

Apparently they decided to turn the tables and suprise me! What a WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL AMAZING surprise it was! I was totally shocked and THRILLED to have Diana along with my other best friends!!!!

So the weekend was spent Chatting, Laughing, Stamping, Drinking ( I won the award for the highest consumption of foot medicine! hands down) shopping and eating of course!!!!!


My Mom played bartender for us and whipped up some of our famous Caramel Appletinis.....I must say I REALLY enjoyed perfecting this recipe!

Kristi and Vicki-Two Peas in a Pod!

My Best Friend Forever Jax-Jax I love you to bits!

We did manage to get some stamping done! But those pictures weren't as near as interesting and the one's that we took on Darlene's Camera, after she left it for the night!!! (lol, I'll save that story for another time!)

The weekend went WAY too fast as usual and I felt a little sad to see the girls leave today!! Thank goodness I will see my Kingston friends often and the Chickas from the west before the summer is out!

I also made a NEW friend this weekend, a little stamping buddy and companion....someone to keep my company when my friends aren't with me! I'll introduce you to him very very soon!

A big thanks to all the girls for the lovely gifts they brought me............nice surprises because really and truly, the gift of their friendships are more than enough!

I just have to mention to Kim that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the ribbon holder.......such a unique and interesting design...............very pretty too..........know where I can get some more???? LOL!!!!

Although Rina was unable to come and play with us, she joined us for dinner! We made some new friends at the restaurant as well. This octagenarian couple popped by for a wee chat and a visit...............i think that Bob was smitten with the 11 ladies at the table and his wife was a sweet sweet soul !

Double D's------Diana and Donna!

Darlene and her Pretty Pink Drink!

Hope I haven't tired you out with this long post, but I am just so excited to share the things in my life that make me happy and evoke good feelings!!!!

Happy Stamping!!!!



  1. looks like you had a fun weekend Vicki!

  2. Wow girls looks like you all had so much fun.

    I love your monkeys, they are so darling, great coloring.

    Hugs from Cindy

  3. Thanks for sharing your pics Vicki, it looks like you all had a blast! Good friends, shopping, food, foot medicine, & stamping...what could be better!

  4. OH Vicki!! What fun!! It's always nice to share some girl time!! :) Your cards are adorable too!! I love those monkies!! TFS!

  5. Looks like you and your gals had a great time! How nice that you can do those get together's! Love your card - it made ME smile!!!

  6. Looks like you had such a great time!! Last week was school break here....I could have used some foot medicine myself!! LOL! Thankfully I my stamp get away is this weekend. YAY! Oh...and I see that you got one whole card done! LOL! JK! Just adorable!

  7. WOW! Looks like you guys had a blast. How fun!

  8. Vicki,

    Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love seeing pictures as I am fist and foremost a photographer!!! Some of the pictures you got were like totally amazing the colors and the focus!!! Wow and I loved seeing all the fun shots too!!!!

    Your group of friends looks to be a wonderful group indeed and you are quite blessed my friend to have this in your life!!!!


  9. Noooooooooooo!
    No, I didn't miss another Victopia!?!?!

    ***falls into unconsolable sobs****

    Y'all surely had the bestest evah time!!

  10. OMG!! I am SO happy for you all!!!! The pic of you and Kristi has me ROTFL!!!! You are SO WASTED!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

    I hope you continue to share and about this special someone....????? YOU GOT A SECRET LOVER???? LOL

    Thanks SO much for sharing your Victopia! It looks like a BLAST!!!!!

  11. OMGoodness It looks like you had a great time!!! I so wish I could have been there!!! The pictures are fantastic! It must be wonderful to see all your friends!

  12. Sounds like the absolute best!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and feel free to share the Appletini recipe!

  13. Looks like everyone had a blast!! TFS those pics! I really love your card too, love how you colored the cheeks of those monkeys.
    Jodi =)

  14. Hey Vicki!! Awww, looks like you had a lot of fun with your gal pals. So fun! You all look beautiful and it appears you are having a grand time. . .a little tipsy maybe? Just kidding!! I'm glad you had a good time!!

    Your card is fantastic!! The dp is very pretty and oh, those monkeys are so cute!! Love what you did with the inside! Beautiful job!


  15. To have such a wonderful group of people as friends tells a lot about you! You are so lucky and so are they! God Bless you all!

  16. Oh - Vicki - It's sounds like you all had a blast - good for you!!! I love hanging out with my stampin' buds too!!!

    Your projects are too cute!!! Surprise you got anything done - LOL!!!

  17. I so enjoyed looking through your photos. I think I was living vicariously through them!! LOL!!!

    The adorable cards at the end were such an awesome finale!!!

    Friends are Fabulous and It looks as if you have wonderful ones!!



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