Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sneak Peek Day Three-Take a Pill!

So, how has your weekend been? Mine's been pretty uneventful...........kind of wet and rainy here, so apart from a quick trip to Costco, I've been lazing about in my jammies and stamping! Watching the dishes pile up and dodging the dust bunnies! OUCH, I think one just bit me. So, after I get this post completed, I'm going to clean!

It figures that I have to clean when the sky has just opened up to a brilliant blue this morning. I suppose I could leave things for another day, but tomorrow's monday and I really SHOULD, I WILL CLEAN.........they say that affirmations make things happen........wish the darned affirmations could run the vacuum cleaner!

I will reward myself greatly with a trip to see Willie Nelson and Billy Bob Thorton play at the KROCK centre tonight! Haven't been to a concert in our new facility and I am pretty excited to see Willie, believe it or not! He is an amazing song writer and has a very interesting voice to say the least.........a country Icon and well Billy Bob Thorton has that sizzlin' bad boy thing going on . I love him in movies and I hear he is quite the musician!

Introducing Dr. Happy...............well that's not his real name, but since he's handing out some pills, I thought that was a suitable name. Actually I think they are smarties...............oh yeah and for my american friends, Smarties are milk chocolate coated candies, somewhat like M&M's but with a milkier tasting chocolate. In Canada, the candies that our U.S. friends calls Smarties are called Rockets...............yum, I like those too!!! Especially the Yellow ones!!! Make your teeth ring! Okay, now I am having a SUGAR craving.......thanks a lot!!!!..oops.........guess it's my fault!!!

Oh yeah, about the card...........Dr. Happy..........Happy cause he's prescribing Smarties! The Images are from the Dr. Hanna set!! Cute eh??? I used Basic Gray, Basic Grey Marakesh DP and More Mustard................coloured with copics and embellished with a little floral punch and some SU creamy caramel buttons threaded with linen thread. I had a hard time keeping the ribbon off this card. For some reason to me a card without ribbon is like wearing a really great outfit without a good bra!!! LOL!!!! Okay, think it's time to get dusting, I'm getting a little carried away.

Check the sidebar to see the other great creations from our Talented Hanna Girls!!!!

Happy Stamping, Cleaning..........hmmm nope, cleaning is not a happy thing! Well just enjoy your day!!!

See you Tomoz!



  1. Adorable card - great stamp set!

  2. Hey Vicki! Your dust bunnies bit you. . .I think several attacked me yesterday! LOL! It's true. . .if you say it enough times, it may actually happen. Dream big, that's what I always say! LOL! Hmmm...let me try it. . .I WILL CLEAN, I WILL CLEAN. . .nope, it's not working!

    Love your card. . great job with the masculine card! I try to avoid making masculine cards because it never turns out the way I want it to. It starts off as a guy card but end up metro in the end. It's great you managed to keep yours masculine! Love the colors, perfect for a guy card.

    Hope you have a fabulous Sunday. . .cleanint! LOL!


  3. mmmm...smarties!! Great card Vicki!! xx

  4. Hey Vicki, put those dust bunnies to work, can't they vacuum or something!!!!!

    Love your Dr. Happy. I love Willie Nelson, his voice is so sexy, even if he is old!!!!!!!

  5. Mine are more Dust Dragons! Love the card! Now I'm also craving a sweet!

  6. Hey Vicki, your card is so cool... Love the image...;-) Love your coloring... Hugs from Silke

  7. Oh, that's funny! I'd love to send one to every stamper on my list! This has been a housework day for me, too, and it's absolutely gorgeous outside. But I have to clean...I have company coming tomorrow. I should learn to not put it off!

  8. I figure that right about now those chores are a dim memory and you are in Willie and Billy Bob heaven! I love live concerts. There's just nothing like them.

    I've been seeing a lot of cool previews of Hanna and Riley. Yours, of course, top the list. *smile*


  9. hehe ... it is Monday here and I gotta clean too if that helps LOL ... but I wanna stamp instead! Love card today. Hope you enjoy the concert!

  10. I feel for you Vicki I have been cleaning all day and the task is still not accomplished. Since we renovated a bathroom and put new floors in the kid's room there seems to be dust with no end in sight, maybe with everyone back to school tomorrow I can get some stamping accomplished.

  11. Hey every body needs a Dr. Happy!!!! I can't wait to see Willie - our concert is on the 11th. It should be a good time.
    I'll try to make it over to the Release Party tonight. Maybe I'll have a nap when I get home so I can stay awake for it!

  12. Just another awesome set!! I am so lovin' it!!
    Great job on the card!!
    Can't wait for tomorrow night!
    Jodi =)

  13. ohhh I hope you had how close were you to Billy Bob??? I love your card too....heeheee

  14. ok that post was from me...Kristi...I really need to figure out this posting thingy....:)))

  15. OMGOSH!!!! The smarties brought back a happy but PAINFUL memory... LOL I was at the Rock of Gibraltar and those monkeys SO do not like to play TEASE ME WITH SMARTIES.... Damn near broke my fingers fighting my hands open, cute lil buggers turned SO mean. HJAHAHAH I guess that is what I get for BEING mean.... I LOVE Smarties WAY better than M&M's!!!! But I SUPER love our Smarties (AKA Rockets) my fave is the white one, kinda pineappley!

  16. Hi Vicki
    I just found your blog and this card is really nice the way you put it together, I love the colors :-) The stamped image is colored very nice,
    Michele spera

  17. How cool is this card??? I love Dr. Happy and your description of your card too!!! He might be a must have for me!!!

    Great job and love the layout Vicki!!!


  18. Vicki this is just adorable!!! I love your coloring and the great layout you made! This doctor looks so happy and helpful! He would be perfect for get well cards or to medical staff! I hope you had a good time at the concert last night!



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