Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tonights the Night!!!!!

TOP 10 Reasons I can't wait for the Hanna Release Party:

10. It will be Thursday Night............that means I am ONE day Closer to the weekend........woohoo

9. I ENJOY the dizzy feeling that I get trying to stay on top of the posts.. can you say head spins?

8. It means that I will SURELY be too busy to cook dinner........yep, Takeout Tonight!

7. Gives me a GOOD excuse to Pamper my Feet!!!! (Incidentally, the first person who can
answer my favourite method of foot pampering, will win a sweet surprise from me!).

6. It will be THURSDAY NIGHT.....that means I am ONE DAY closer to the weekend........YEAH!

5. EYE Candy, pure EYE Candy...........and although I must admit, its' not as sweet as Brad Pitts'
lips, I LOVE to see all the samples that the Design Team shares !

4. Good Excuse to let the dishes pile up! I'd rather be STAMPING.........HELLLLLLLLOOOOO
dishes can wait!!!!! can't they??? Well until they start looking like a science experiment!

3. It's an excellent way to RECLAIM my PC from BIGFOOT!!!!!!! any one
else have a just turned 12 year old with size 14 feet????

2. Did I mention that Thursday night is my Favourite Night of the Week.................ONE DAY
Closer to the WEEKEND????????


I get to give away prizes!!! Yep............ we have prizes...........................hehe. Really, I enjoy it......... the build up, the excitement when someone wins...............plain and simple, makes me happy.......

So see you HERE Tonight at 9 p.m. EST!!!!!

Oh....... the Card...................comes from the Vintage Toys Collection.................The deets on the card are HERE

And here is the Heat embossing card I promised. The image is from For the Soul, the Background and Sentiments from Peaceful Wishes-Stampin' UP!

Gotta Run!!!!!

See you Tonight!



  1. are u doing hot parrafin wax on your feet again?

  2. I love your cards. The second one is gorgeous--so elegant!

  3. Love how you did the little sign on the plane. Tooooo cute and your stained glass card is so elegant with all that embossing. Love it!

  4. Oh I think that it is one day closer to Friday sounds so good to me I tell ya!
    I am excited for Kristi, what a great year for her.
    that stain glass is beautiful!
    I am guessing a mint rub on your feetsies! HEidi

  5. Hey Vicky ~~ your *Energy & Spunk* is beyond contageous so I'm can't wait for Hanna's launch party tonight! WOOOHOOO!

    As for your favorite foot treatment ... Hmmmm I am going to guess at this one .....
    ~~using some of Victoria's Essential Oils, creating your own scent, while in your PJs and barefoot (of course! ha), and enjoying a relaxing foot massage while snacking on your favorite chocolate! :)

    Heck, sounds GREAT to me!

  6. Love the airplane! First time to see it, and the embossed card is so beautiful!

  7. beautiful cards!! i'm guessing you go for a nice pedicure and finish it off w/ some supah purty polish!

  8. Beautiful card :)
    LOL, I'm guessing a personal massager for your feetsies!

  9. I am so in luv with that plane!!! I am gonna guess you have one of those great feet massager's under your desk!! I also need one of those!

  10. ok, how many guesses do i get?? lol!! is it your *beverage* of choice????

  11. Two totally fabulous cards, Vicki! Your blog design is incredibly beautiful, too. Wow! I could get lost in it and forget to leave!

  12. Love the plane card.......:)))

  13. What a rarity! A male card with such pretty colors. Gotta love that plane. Your second card is really pretty. I love what you did with all of the embossing and the painting of the main image.

  14. Oh, I love the vintage look of your plane card! (Not to be confused with plain card - good thing I can spell!)



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