Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Rubber!!!!! Ain't it

I was THRILLED................ well not Thrilled........MORE than THRILLED.......... yes WAY WAY WAY more than THRilled..... well actually you know that you are more than Thrilled when you start your emails off with "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
and the receiver of the email may also know that you are more than thrilled, or that you are sliding down a bannister as you type (thanks JEANNE!) or that you are simply NUTS!!!!!!

I confess, I am NUTS for Stampotique stamps! So when I received a big box of Rubber yesterday, I was doing a cartwheel............ yes! New rubber is BETTER than chocolate....................although you can't eat it, it is better..........really,,,,,,,,, it is...........hmph.... well it's at least as good.

This image, GROW GIRL is by Janet Klein. She is a very talented artist with many adorable images available at Stampotique

It didn't take me long to get some rubber to paper and start colouring some of the great images that I have and that I will share with you over the next little while.

Using the Thursday SCS as an inspiration, the challenge was to wipe the dust off your box of hoarded charms and actually USE them on a card!!! Can you imagine.........parting with a pretty oh is difficult to move beyond looking at our collection of "schtuff" and actually USING it on something......................This charm was actually just a flat disc that I prettied up with some flowers and a brad. Can't find a flower that is the right colour and the right size??? I was having this problem this morning........luckily in all my excitement of creating with a new image I was able to Stop, Think and Problem solve..................hehe
I should be able to do that, I earn my living TEACHING those skills............. Anyway, I just repunched the flower with a smaller punch and VIOLA! It fit just poifect!

I can't wait to play with more stamps today...........................Also, we have a new Hanna Release coming up next week, so watch for some great sneak peeks then!!!!

Well, have to lay down the rubber for a bit and focus on earning a living

Have a great day!!!!!!


  1. If you have too much from Stampotique, you know I'll be happy to take some off your hands. It's the kindest thing I can do for you as a friend. It's a sincere offer, so if you need the help, you know who to call!

  2. Holy Cow Vicki, your coloring is out of this world...OK I think I might need this stamp now....:))
    This card rocks girl!!!
    Love you, IANLW :)

  3. What a fun card! I love the image. I've never heard of this stamp company. I'll go check it out. She looks like a sunflower, which I love!

  4. This image is super cute (and very different from the previous Stampootique ones I've seen) and I LOVE how you've colored it - it looks amazing!

    So glad you're enjoying your new stamps so much :)


  5. What a really cute card! You have really done her justice. She is too cute with the hat and the hair thing going on. Love it~

  6. Wow this is such a fun image - so unique :)

  7. Vicki ...this creation is what I refer to as ~~A Keeper~~. This means, it's FAR too stunning to give away and should be kept, preferably framed, for future references or just for your own viewing pleasure.

    It is totally breathtaking and I appreciate you sharing it with us.


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