Sunday, September 7, 2008

Having a lazy weekend

What a sweet sweet weekend I have had..........
Apart from making this card, which incidentally was due on Friday (hehe) I have done absolutely nothing........yep NADA, ZIP.............ummmmm well maybe watched the dust bunnies play under my coffee table.......slept through two movies....and well....... I did manage to get some laundry into the tub, but I have yet to change it.

Very seldom do I relax, but since my visit with Kristi and Jacqui, I have been doing an awful lot of that. Lazy bones I am. To be truthful, I am quite enjoying it.

Having juggled my full time career, with parenting, Stampin' Up! and teaching in up to three locations, I rarely could find a time where I could just chill out without ruminating about what I should be doing.

I made a very difficult decision last week, however in my heart, I know that it is the best one for me. I have decided to give up my Stampin' Up! Business and Teaching and concentrate on designing and posting on my Blog. I really enjoy writing and hope that time will allow me to express myself freely and perhaps torture you all with my thoughts and insights..................well at least I hope I don't put you to sleep!!!!! lol.... I have been called lot's of things in my day, but I don't think I have ever been called boring.

Anyway, for those of you who supported my business over the last five years, I must tell you that I truly appreciate the friendships that I have formed as a result of Stampin' Up! In fact, if it wasn't for SU! I still would be a rubber virgin and probably sitting in the corner weaving baskets...........hehe......... well not quite, but I sure wouldn't have this blog. I sure wouldn't have met all the AMAZING people that I have met through a common passion. But then again, perhaps I should have been concentrating on my guitar playing and maybe I would have been a ROCK STAR!!!!! ...............nope, I am not drinking too much today..........hehe. Too relaxed to even lift a bottle.........

So I will be here, designing and writing, writing and colouring, sprinkling things with glitter and doing what my heart tells me to do and I hope you will continue to be here with me!!!

On to the card!

Isn't this Sophie just the sweetest tiny dancer?? This is a special edition Sophie and I have copied a exerpt from Kristi's Blog explaining all of the details.


As most might have noticed, that we are having a Ballet Sophie G being released this Friday along with 4 clear sets.
A while back, Daisy from Eclectic Paperie ask if I could make or had any images of Riley doing ballet. I told her that we did, and she asked if I would make this image into a stamp for her friends daughter named Kelly. She went on to explain to us that Kelly was diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme (brain tumor) in July, 2007. She had surgery to have the tumor removed at Children's Hospital of Orange County in Orange, California. After one round of radiation and chemotherapy, she had another surgery to remove a recurrent tumor on October 22. She is receiving further treatment to try to prevent another recurrence.
So with this stamp we at Hanna Stamps and Eclectic Paperie will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this stamp to her foundation.
You can read Kelly's story here:
So please help us help Kelly fight her cancer. We will be offering this stamp in unmounted and mounted. Eclectic Paperie and Hanna Stamps are the only 2 stores that will carry this stamp. This stamp will not be made available any where else.
Thank you again for any and all support.


  1. Hey GF, you are a rock star in my book no matter what!
    Speaking of which, this card rocks! off too HS to shop!

  2. Vicki, Sophie is just so sweet and your designs are just darling!

    Many hugs,
    Jennifer :)

  3. You're a rockstar to me too, Vicki!! I will be here faithfully reading your blog - I can't wait to see what you come up with!! And Sophie G is so beautiful - wonderful card!!

  4. I love her. She is just too precious!


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