Sunday, May 11, 2008

If being a mother was all about building a sandcastle, we'd be laughing

or would we really? Building Sandcastles can be fun, but then it can also be quite a tedious task, like being a mother.

You need the right mix of sand and water to make a castle that will withstand the wind and tide. As a mother, you need the right mix of love, discipline, need to be fun, but firm, know when to assist and when to let our children learn lessons the hard way.

When our children are small, their tragedies are often solved by a hug or a kiss, finding that blanket or stuffie or placing a bandaid on a barely visible boo boo!! We seem to be able to protect them quite easily. The mother is capable of being the strong form that molds and protects the wondrous creation as their personalities and characters develop.

As they get older, that becomes more difficult. We are no longer the only influence in their world. Problems become more complicated and real, others begin to have an impact on shaping our little ones points of view, attitudes and behaviours. The motherly mold begins to lose it's rigidity, allowing the little castles to shift their shape and transform into unique people, yet at the same time remains solid enough to provide a base that will withstand the storms that one has to endure.

I believe that part of the joy of being a mother is to have successfully worked through those difficult times, to process with your child the emotions behind the anger, to wipe the tears, to see the smiles on their faces when they have independently implemented a solution or completed a challenging task.

Building Sandcastles on a Sunny Day at the Beach can be such fun but there is the imminent threat of having all your hard work washed away over time. The work that we invest into our children however, withstands the tide, the wind, the rain and the form that we provide remains in a place deep in our childs heart.

Wishing all the Mother's who are reading this post a Wonderful Wonderful Day!

Card Recipe:

Stamps: Hanna Stamps
Paper: SU! Imaginisce
Markers Copics
Stickles, Brads, Ribbon

Created for Beate's weekend Sketch Challenge-Click Fresh and Fun on my Blog Roll.


  1. Vicki,
    Your words on motherhood struck a chord with me. I found your blog through Beate's ... and I'm glad I did. I'm going to copy your words (giving you credit, of course) and spread your wisdom.
    Thanks for the inspiration, both as a mom and as a cardmaker.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Vicki, what a wonderful comparison!
    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Your card looks wonderful! I am so glad you had time to play.
    Big cyber hugs and smiles

  3. Oh I love this card...Very nice...Love the coloring...:))

  4. Sorry about 2 posts, I hit enter by mistake...That story is PERFECT!!!! That is the perfect comparison for sure! You always know the right words to say.

  5. I tried to tell you what a greatw riter you are and how much I loved what you had to say, then I lost my post. (sob)

  6. What a wonderful story and card, brought a tear to my eye!! Very sweet!


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