Sunday, June 1, 2008

Discovering Beauty-- By chance

Having some time on my hands (well not really, procrastinating again is really more accurate) one afternoon, I was surfing a Facebook (my girlfriend more accurately describes it as Face Crack!) application and saw this picture. I was absolutely captivated by this shot....the perfect lighting, the composition, the contrast of innocence and worldliness.

I was compelled to message the subject to express my appreciation of the shot and to compliment the photographer. I was even more impressed to learn that this picture is a self portrait by an extremely talented professional photographer, Charl Du Preez.

Charl has an AMAZING ability to capture the beauty in nature, people, wildlife and photo art.
Hailing from Namibia, his country's exotic terrain makes a wonderful backdrop for his diverse creations.

I have selected a few of my favourite photos to share with you, but it is well worth the time to visit his Gallery:

TheridioN at

I absolutely Adore this shot............So colourful......energetic, yet peaceful.......Magical

In this huge world that we live in, I am continually amazed at the connections that we make with people that seem so effortless.

If you have been following my blog for some time, you will know that I believe that little happens soley by chance, there is usually a reason that peoples path's cross however briefly, even when that reason doesn't seem significantly apparent.

I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Charl and am truly inspired by his art..............I believe that you will be as well.


  1. wow I could look at this all day. Love his site! Great find.

  2. WOW, I love Charl's work too. I am amazed! Thanks so much for sharing him.

  3. wow, Vicki! his stuff is truly wonderful...thanks so much for sharing :)


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