Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Mail Day!!!!!

Yesterday I was sure that I was going to be diligent and committed to the tasks that I had set out for myself. I would not stray........I would stay focused and not get distracted!!!! I had a plan!!!!

Well then I got the brilliant idea that I should go out to check the mailbox.............Bad Idea....well actually not so bad.

There it was deep down in the pile, underneath the various colourful Christmas Cards, the oh so familiar (as of late anyway!!) Cardboardy type Mailer..........I KNEW it just had to be for me!! And there they were, my New My Favorite Things Stamps. If I really was all that committed to forging forward with my endless list of chores, I'd have done the responsible thing and set the package aside for later. But OH NO!!!!!! I had to tear into it, just like a Kid on Christmas...........I purchased a few sets, but this is the one that had me from hello!!! I just couldn't resist getting some ink to it and making this quick little card. Tell me, would you have done the same thing??? And when I saw the sweet little mitten image, I KNEW I had to make a pair to hang from the Snowman's Branch arms.

So it starts again today...............wrapping, dusting a little last minute stocking stuffing shopping............No Stamping........nope, absolutely none.........well not until a little later at least!!


Stamps: MFT Baby it's cold outside
Paper: Pre Made Embossed Card DCWV, Real Red, Watercolour Paper, Black
ACC: Aquapainters, Markers, Liquid applique, Linen Thread


  1. This is such a darling card! I love the dry embossed circles!! :)

  2. What do you mean that there are giant Kinder Surprise balls? I have never seen them, but I've never been in Canada around the holidays I guess. What kind of toys are in them? This excites me no end! How big are they? What do they cost? Inquiring minds need to know!

    judy at workmanfamily daht com

  3. this card is the cutest. And yes I would have done the same thing. Don't worry the dust and dirt and laundry will still be there tomorrow patiently waiting for you. Stamp now clean later. Motto to live by. Have a very merry christmas and maybe the kids won't notice if you have used tissue paper as filler in the bottom of their stockings b/c the stocking stuffer shopping just didnt happen.

  4. I love this....great embossed bg and LOVE those mittens!

    GREAT job with the new stamps!

  5. So glad you weren't committed to your chores! How can you be, with such cute stamps on hand?! And did you get the new releases, too?! It's all I can do to unpack from my trip...! I'm so happy you'll be playing with us this month! HUGS!!

  6. Vicki this is adorable! I am in LOVE with those mittens, what a clever idea!


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