Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Football Star

We had an excellent trip to Toronto. The Boys were really excited to play a warm up game prior to the Argonauts vs. Montreal Alouettes.

The boys and the Coaches were escorted into the Stadium to gear up for the Big Game! Apparently the dressing rooms were under Construction, so they had to change in the Hallway. Because Tim Horton's supports Minor Football, the Junior Team was required to wear the White Jerseys. The Boys were a little disappointed that they Couldn't wear the X-MEN red Jerseys and it was a little difficult for some of the parents to identify their boys................Not Jonathon, he is one of the Bigger Boys on the Team and I had No trouble spotting him.

The Argonauts were completing their practices as the Xmen came onto the field. With lots of High Fives and Helmet Taps from the Big Leaguers, our Boys were Pumped to play!!!!!
We really enjoyed the Football Game, but sadly, the Argos Lost to the Alouettes. After the game Jonathon was able to get a few Autographs on his Football, that we then tossed about for some time before we headed up to our room.

Jonathon and I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in the Stadium and quite enjoyed the cushy beds and comfy pillows. They had a really nice pool, but we didn't take the opportunity to swim as it was late when we came up from the game and we decided to head off to the Metro Toronto Zoo for the Day before coming home! All in all, it was a great Trip!

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