Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Card for Spring

It's quite amazing, how much dimension you can create on a card with a little ink and a sponge. For instance, if you look at the boots on this spring card, you will see that I sponged some creamy caramel ink directly onto the boots to create some shadow and dimension. Ink works wonderfully well for shading. Stamping Pastels, or Chalks will do a lovely job for highlighting, just be sure to only go a few shades lighter than you base colour, so you don't acheive a "Milky" Look. For example, if I were to add hilights to these boots with chalk, I would try chalking with Only Orange or Summer Sun.......Chalking with white would look just to "chalky" of course!!! Try experimenting with your inks and pastels/chalks to bring more life to your images.


  1. Super cute card! I love the red boots! This is one of my fave sets!

  2. This is a super cute card!! Love the red! The shading is so nice. You're really doing some awesome and inspiring stamping!

  3. How gorgeous dirty boots can look like!


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